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Ecops Project In Java On Linux

edp: Eiffel Design Project (IDE) 1.0

The Eiffel Developers Project (EDP) is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for browsing, editing, validating and (eventually) compiling and...


SOMA 0.3

Suckage Open Message Architecture (SOMA) is a Java servlet that is being used to power and is a messaging engine. This open source...


jsshagent rc

jsshagent is an open source project in Java language.

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PearColator 1.0

A dynamic binary translation framework, written in Java, on top of the Jikes RVM, to enable the emulation and execution of legacy applications...


JGaruda Editor 1.0

An editor and styler written fully in java.

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adLDAP 2.1

This project is really to help others in getting the whole LDAP SSL Active Directory puzzle working natively on Linux.



The GreenTea is a total resource aggregation and resource sharing platform that enables an organization to meet their heavy-duty computing needs....


Mailing List Archive 1.II

PHP Email Archiving project is a php script which use SQL database to archive email.This script allows user to reply for displayed mail message.On...


MultiShow 1.3.2006

MultiShow is a multipurpose file viewer for audio, video, images and text. It is entirely written in Java and runs on a wide range of operating...


Schmortopf Java IDE 0.94

The Schmortopf IDE is a web development tool in java. The application is based on JavaCC generated parser and it supports functions like...


SMSWriter 2.I

SMSWriter can be used to write multiple flash and report messages and also editing of phone directory. This is the first SMS/Phonebook software...


verveJZip 1.III

VerveJZip is a ColdFusion custom tag (Java CFX) written in Java that adds zip functionality to any web application project. VerveJZip is ideally...


UMU-XACML-Editor 1.3.2

The main purpose of this project is to develop a Graphic policy definition editor implemented in Java language and based on the XACML standard...

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User VM Layout 0.1

This project contains user-space code to display the virtual memory layout of a user-space process on Linux Systems in a user-friendly format.

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schemalizer 0.40

a standalone tool for inferring and building a schema definition file from an input xml source file written in java and available as a web start...

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EdKits 0.13

This project will provide EditorKits based on a common structure for different formats to be used with the JEditorPane in Java Swing.

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multi platform project 1.1

Multi platform project is a program for making possible to run some kinds of program on any platform like in java, but as it uses mmaped memory and...

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JxCapture is a cross-platform library that provides a comprehensive Java screen capture API for Java applications. You can capture any graphic...

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Jcrontab 2.0RC0 1.0

Jcrontab is a scheduler written in Java.

Freeware 1.0

The Linux Documentation Project is working on developing free, high quality documentation for the GNU/Linux operating system.