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E Mail Implimentation In C

TSmtpRelay Server 1.14

The TSmtpRelayServer is a component to send e-mail messages to multiple recipients, without an Internet SMTP server, because TSmtpRelayServer acts...

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Abstract Anti-Spam 1.0

If you display an e-mail address on your site, the spammers use their automatic spam bots to search through your pages, 'harvesting' your e-mail...



This class requires you to have base64_encode on your system and then present san easy to use API for attaching files to e-mail messages in PHP.


Customer Tracking System 1.0 1.0

Customer Tracking System 1.0 is a multi-platform compatible script that lets customers submit their request and you get E-Mail notifications in...


How to Send Secure Mail in ASP-Based E-Commerce Applications

How to Send Secure Mail in ASP-Based E-Commerce Applications is a tutorial through which users can learn more about the secure Multipurpose mail...


Level Ten Form Mail 1.0

Level Ten Form Mail is an email form processor programmed in PHP. It is compatible with the formmail standard established by the original formmail...


SaferMail 0.7

Basically, it does the same work that a mailto: HREF would do but does it without exposing the e-mail address to spammers. It checks if a Web...


Site Recommender ?

Site Recommender multi-platform compatible. This is the ultimate site recommender script. It will always stay in the corner of your visitor's...


Stop SPAM E-mail 1.01

This tool can stop SPAM by protecting e-mail addresses from e-mail harvesters in just a few clicks. The coded e-mail address will work on just...


WebNews 0.09

WebNews facilitates the viewing, adding, editing and removing of news on a web site. It allows you to add, modify and remove users with different...


ISGMapi 2.0

Improve your communication skills with this Simple MAPI component. Add E-Mail capabilities to your applications in minutes......

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Vendor Auto E-mail 1.3

It will be able to automatically send your product vendor and e-mail, or anyone an e-mail, after a cusotmer has purchased it and you have received...


E*Reminders 0.93RC1 1.0

E*Reminders allows web-clients to set up reminders to automatically E-mail them at a certain time to remind them of special events.


SecExMail Home

SecExMail makes e-mail encryption as easy as sending a message. There are no plugins necessary and it will work with any standard email client...

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MyAddressBook 0.1.1

MyAddressBook is a web-based e-mail address book, written in PHP and MySQL, and designed to interface with your default e-mail client.



Component TJLabelURL is deduced from component TLabel.This component is designed to work just like a hyperlink on any WEB-pageor E-mail. If you...

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Authenticated User Community 0.6.2

Authenticated User Community for Education is an intranet system designed for use in a K-12 setting but is also useful in many other settings. The...


C-Cart v3.1

C-Cart is a shopping cart system in PHP that works with unlimited products along with automatic thumbnail generation and templates. This script...


dsCommerce 1.V

dsCommerce c un applicativo per il Web sviluppato in Asp 3.0, offre notevoli funzionalitr ed c molto versatile, potente e facile da usare,...


MailMill COM 1.0.1

This component can be used by languages supporting COM objects, like Visual Basic, C++, Delphi and in scripting languages like VBScript and...