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Dwg Open On Linux

Installing Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Linux

This tutorial is designed to guide you through the initial steps of setting up Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Linux.


Mailing List Archive 1.II

PHP Email Archiving project is a php script which use SQL database to archive email.This script allows user to reply for displayed mail message.On...


Merlin, Desktop Edition

With the help of Merlin, Desktop Edition users can install perl, Mysql and php for linux and windows. Users can get tools to build database...


Online dating software v2.0 2.0

Key Features:Free Installation, Instant Messenger, Internal Site E-Mail, Video (Audio) Presentation Loading, Photos Loading, On-Fly Photos Auto...


PHP Everywhere

Articles, tutorials and code, with emphasis placed on MS Windows, ISAPI, COM, ODBC, ActiveX on Linux, databases, installation procedures, GD and...


Shellgen 1.0

This script creates new accounts, DNS zones, Apache virtual hosts, and POP3 and Sendmail configuration files on Linux machines.


The Ioncube Online Php Encoder ?

The Ioncube Online Php Encoder is a multi-platform compatible secure PHP encoding service for files and archives. Uses obfuscated compiled code to...


Traffic Bar 1.0

This script displays stats and a graphic bar showing the current bandwidth utilization. It works only on Linux servers.


UPDN's Document Publisher

Document Publisher is a content management system. It helps you to create online documents using a browser. These online documents can be anything...

Shareware 1.0

Wavtoreal is a small perl script that has been written for use with a console-based real producer. This script asks you for several options, and on...


Linkz 1.2.1

Linkz is a small Windows game based on KPlumber by The BerLinux on Linux. It is a puzzle game in which you must connect pieces of pipe, road,...

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Memory usage 1.0

Memory usage script provides a number of functions to get the memory usage of a Python application on Linux.


Pop Quiz 0.0.4

Pop Quiz is free software that may be used on Linux or Microsoft Windows operating systems.


Manhattan Virtual Classroom 3.2

The Manhattan Virtual Classroom is a fast, stable and effective course management system that runs on Linux and other Unix-like systems.


dmx485 - DMX-on-RS-485 interface library 485.0.0.5

Shared library and associated tools for DMX-512 communication via USB-to-RS-485 adapters, using standard UNIX and Linux serial interfaces (patches...

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pyprocs 1.0

Pyprocs is pure Python and implements functions to read the process table on Linux and maybe later also for other OSs.

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Shared Object Name Generator 1.0

This is useful on linux systems to generate appropriate symlinks for batches of shared object libraries.

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gnome text editor 1.0

Graphical text editor on linux with gnome for educational purpose


GEODE 0.2.4

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the ESI Objects language (object-oriented MUMPS) that works on linux and, eventually, other...

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edp: Eiffel Design Project (IDE) 1.0

The Eiffel Developers Project (EDP) is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for browsing, editing, validating and (eventually) compiling and...