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Dropdown List In Adf

Creating dynamic dropdown lists in mySQL

This is a tutorial which teaches the readers how to develop a basic admin interface which allow them to add and delete users through the browser...


Currency DropDown List 1.0

Though I have contributed several:- rewrites of code- merge of fixes and repackaged- rewitten documentationof other modules and contributions, this...


ASP.NET Dropdown list rewrite

This web based tutorial is much helpful for the web developers. This tutorial shows you how to create the dropdown listbox control in the HTML...


Creating Databound DropDown Lists in ASP.NET

This is an easy to learn tutorial for the readers. This tutorial helps web developers to add a list box web control using ASP.NET. In this tutorial...


Creating Dropdown list control from Datasource

In this tutorial you can get the solution for binding the data of the database table to the dropdownlist control. The author shows how to create...


Dropdown list Population

This web based tutorial is helpful for the novice. With the help of this tutorial users can know how to populate a dropdownlistbox control. You can...


Redirect with a Dropdown Menu in JavaScript

This simple scripts show a possibility to call a JavaScript function that retrieves a variable passed from drop down box as a parameter and then...

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PHPImageView 2.II

The PHPImageView is an image gallery script which can be used to display the thumbnail images or to create a list of textlinks that connects the...


Building List Boxes Using the Results from a Database Query

This useful tutorial guides you in creating the drop-down list box. You can use this list box to display the record items in your database table....


Code Snippet - Selecting an Item in a DataList using C#

Code Snippet - Selecting an Item in a DataList using C# is a tutorial which guides you in filling the records in the datalist control when an item...


Dynamic Drop Down Box To List Years

This is an helpful tutorial for all the programmers. This tutorial explains users about how to create the dropdown list box and displays the list...


Populating a dropdown box using ADO and SQL 7.0

In this tutorial author clearly shows how to create the dropdown list box and list the items in it. This tutorial displays the dropdown list box...


Positioning your UI elements in a WebControl

Positioning your UI elements in a WebControl is an article in which the author gives you a way of creating a dropdown list with a label control in...


Dropdown Question Box for Create_account screen 1.0

This contribution adds an additional dropdown field in the create_account.


divx list 1.0.1

The divx list is a PHP based script which includes a search engine for your Divx database. With this script you will be able to align as well as to...


Dual List Box with Re-Ordering

Dual List Box with Re-Ordering is a .NET based database tool which is helpful for the users who want to reorder their reported list in an Available...


Generated List Scroller 1.IV

The Generated List Scroller is a system (.FLA file + accompanied nessesary files) which creates a scrollable list in a flashmovie, generated from...


Menu List

Menu list in form. You scroll the form, select an item, press "go" button and go to selected site


Function Export List Tool 1.01

Moloch is a small utility for searching the function export list from DLL.Managing of DLL list.Function searching by folder (freeware version...

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A DropDownList for U.S. States and Canadian Provinces and Countries

This is an ASP.NET article that helps you to create a dropdown list box which has U.S. states and canadian provinces in its list. Web developers...