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Drop Down List Box Using Perl Cgi

ASP and CSS Drop-down

This is an easy to learn tutorial that helps in developing the CSS drop-down list box. You can list the records of the database table using this...


Star Track

This program is helpful for webmasters to build their site with moving stars at the background of their home page. Users can adjust the speed of...


Building List Boxes Using the Results from a Database Query

This useful tutorial guides you in creating the drop-down list box. You can use this list box to display the record items in your database table....


akcanSoft Anket Cgi Script 1.I

akcanSoft Anket Cgi Script is to create a poll and survey engine on a perl supported web portals. Radio buttons, drop down combo box can be...


Rich ComboBox

Using this program webmasters can include a rich combo box to their existing websites. This program facilitates webmasters to add HTML images and...


Etv Lookup 3.5

Powerful lookup components with display of several fields in the closed lookup combo box, filters on drop-down list, trees and multilevelness,...


Admin user interface: adding and deleting users

This is a tutorial which teaches to build a admin interface using php for adding and deleting users from a MySQL database. This tutorial provides...


Creating dynamic dropdown lists in mySQL

This is a tutorial which teaches the readers how to develop a basic admin interface which allow them to add and delete users through the browser...


Databound Regions Combo (ASP) (Canada & USA)

This is an ASP based user friendly utility which helps users to show 65 states and provinces of the countries such as USA and Canada. This tool...


Drop Down Image Selector

Drop Down Image Selector will be very useful if you faced difficulty in displaying numerous images on your web page. This JavaScript supports a...


Font Picker

This is a program with which administrators can add font picker tool for using in their programs. This program allows users to create a drop down...


Go2it 2.0

Go2it is a script for webmasters that helps them to create a drop down menu box which contains the list of site names to connect. Visitors of their...


New Column named "drop-down.php "

This is a tutorial which tells the users how to handle chainedSelectors class where they can create a form field and update the value of another....


Select List Thingy

This tutorial clearly shows you how to display the table records in the drop-down combo box. You can select multiple items in the dropdown combo...


VizBook-plus 1.5

VizBook is a flexible and free script with many more options than most similar programs. The guestbook is managed from an admin page. You can...



This component encapsulates TComboBox functionality with ability to select a color using a color menu with buttons on it instead of plain drop-down...

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HTML Hex Color Code Picker 971230.4

This program allows you to pick a color from a drop down list or from a color dialog box and convert it to HEX. A neat application for HTML coders...

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Databound Countries Combo

This is an useful utility which helps the programmers to display 240 countries of the world in a drop down combo box. This utility displays all the...

Shareware 3

This module expedites the creation of HTML time and date drop down or select menus for CGI forms that are created on the fly.


Dream Catchers Menu

Allows you to have a select and go menu on your page. Users will be able to simply select a destination from a drop down list you create and hit a...