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Downloadable Games For Pc

This website provides its services in four aspects, firstly 'components' / where the users can find some useful components to be downloaded,...


Karazeh 32

Karazeh is a cross-platform tool for patching, updating, and launching desktop applications, suited for PC games.

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TTS Data Center 1.0

TTS Data Center Is a Open Source content management system (CMS) Project Built for the sol purpose of cataloging Mods for PC Games.


Highscore GAMES FilledUP! 1.0

This is a modification of the PU Arcade component with 520 normal Games and 192 working Highscore Games for and on your Site preinstalled.


Game Editor 1.0

Game Editor is the game design software that gives you the power to create the games of your dreams, and gives you the chance to get the source...

28.3 MB

1rover1 1

This script is designed for clans to add match results on their website. Add unlimited leagues and games for each league.


Arcade CMS

Arcade CMS is a PHP based game CMS with a MySQL backend. As an admin you can construct your game site with your own categories containing...


Cyber Internet Cafe Software

A Cyber Internet Cafe Software / Internet Cyber Cafe Software : MyCafeCup - take control of your internet cybercafe. Explore to get the new...


Hockey Stats PHP 1.V

Hockey Stats PHP is an online program designed specially for hockey sport. This program eases and simplifies the tasks of scheduling the games for...


Learning Perl on Win32 Systems

Based on the second edition of , modified to be applicable to Perl programming on Windows NT systems. Provides a "gentle" (from the preface)...


Online Game- Battle Sigs

Battlesigs is a PHP based program by which the web owners can facilitate their website with online game facility. With the help of this program the...


On-line JavaScript Games

This site contains many of the classic arcade games for adults and children. Come on and have some fun.


KylixDriver 3.1

KylixDriver is RAD Kylix-oriented and integrated software for PC hardware access. At the current stage of development this toolkit can be...

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XML Socket Server 2.2

eClever is a performant and simple XML Socket Multiuser Server, that enables in Macromedia Flash, Director, Authorware and other products to create...

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easyget 1.0

A intellective, effective, convenient manage system for PC documents and personal knowledge architect on windows and share in the internet


BZK toolset 1.0

BZK is a set of tools to help creating games for mobile devices.

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Real-Forth 15

16 bit Forth for PC.

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Calc Planet 1.0

Programs and games for Graphic calculators


MiniKidsGames 0.4.0

"MiniKidsGames" is a collention of small games for kids.

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PSPFramework 1.0

This project contains a framework for development games for PSP using OOP, this projetct is based on PSPSDK + OSLib.

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