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Download For Samsung Star Suite

MOECTOE Suite 1.0

This contribution branch holds the public betas for the MOECTOE Suite.


Bookmark This Site

Your site will be prompted for adding into the user?s Bookmark in the MS Internet Explorer 4 or above, which automatically opens an Add Favorite...


Dynamically Generating SVG Graphs with .NET

This is an online tutorial where users can find information about generating SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) graphical bar chart. This article...


Force 'file download' for known file types

Force 'file download' for known file types is a simple article in which the author has summarized on the advantages of using mail extensions in...


Load an image from a remote server

From this online tutorial users can gather knowledge about displaying images from other servers. This article uses System.Net.WebClient stream to...


MRLiveShare 1.0

MRLiveShare is a revolutionary PHP live file sharing facility that does not require any java applets. Whenever you upload a file, it will be...


Perl Authnet AIM

Perl Authnet AIM is a PERL based e-commerce software tool specialized in procerssing all credit cards and e-checks through gateway...


PHP Application Tools

Php application tool has few PHP projects that helps you to download for free. The scripts available in this site are, paterror, patconfiguration,...


Platform Page

Platform Page is a JavaScript, which can cater to any platform of the visitor. The script can detect the platform of the visitor and if the user is...

Freeware has many script based on PHP, asp, javascripts and more. It allows users to download for free. Forum is used to share your ideas and...


SourceX 1.0

The following are applications and custom tags we have developed in Cold Fusion ( Some are free and available for download for use...


WebPosts 0.0.1

This is a programme written in php that allows anyone to edit or post information or content on a website. Even users with no knowledge in HTML can...

Freeware has php scripts to download for free. PHP tutorial is used to view help related to PHP programmes for development. Latest news is...


Mp3Works 1.0

Mp3Works is a very fast, easy-to-use, MP3 to WAV converter. It can convert hundreds of MP3s with lightning speed and will even let you edit ID3...

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TetaPCHW 4.7

TetaPCHW is a compact shareware suite which provides Delphi/BCB programmers with standard methods for real-time access and control a set of PC...

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Insert Extra Pages without uploading ANY files 1.0

Read the file contained in the download for simple steps to add any new page.


Asterisk PBX Integration Zimlet 1.0

Asterisk PBX Integration Zimlet is an Extension for Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

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Valgrind-gui 0.2

Provide a gui for the Valgrind suite (a Linux, BSD and Mac profiler).

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K8001IDE 1.0

An IDE with compiler & upload/download for the Velleman K8001 kit.


StarCASE 1.0

StarCASE is the compiler, code generator and development environment for the Star language.