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Display A Bulk Of Data Into Textbox

Wittysoft ListLibrary 1.0

Wittysoft ListLibrary is a ASP.NET server component used to place or display a list of data in an ordered or definition or unordered list. By...


Express Inspector 2.0

Introducing a suite of data aware and non-data aware components to help you display data in an efficient and compact manner while enabling full...

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MSSQL.DataMask is a free, simple tool that quickly sanitizes a clone of your production database into a safe, secure test database. Once built, the...

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Elegantjbeans Free Forms 1.0

ElegantJ - Free Form Designer Collection is a set of beans which will enable the developer to build Free Forms for display and collection of data....


Free Forms 1.1

This is a set of Java Beans which will enable the developer to build Free Forms for display and collection of data. This collection includes a...


Link Floatie script

Link Floatie script lets you display a description of a link or additional content onMouseover. The floatie gradually fades into view in the lower...


Lucid XML DataManager 1.0

Lucid XML DataManager is designed to enable you to store, manage, query and modify large volumes of XML data. It has Rapid high-quality searching:...


Outline 1

This is a versatile JavaScript navigation component for your webpage and other web applications to display a table of content in a multi frame...


PHP Resource Website

PHP Resource Website saves your time in designing your configuration information to install a PHP embedded website. It offers you a bulk of PHP...


Secure Programming : Random Numbers

This paper discusses how to get secure random numbers for your application. We describe how to take a single, secure, random number (a seed), and...


MetaMaster 1.0

MetaMaster is a Java-based desktop application for defining, managing and manipulating metadata associated with a collection of data files or...

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WEB Page Manager 1.1.0

This project is a taglib library used to create tables of data into web based interfaces.

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Solve Http 500 Errors 1.10

Are you losing customers because your site is failing? Site Error Alert will immediately notify you when an error occurs and display a message of...

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Symmetric data obfuscation using xor 1.0

This script can be conveniently used to obfuscate a string of data using simple xor without using any key.


@1 Calendar Publisher

This is an online web calendar script. Some of the salient features available include display a list of defined number of nearest coming events...


Ace Hidden Popup Spawner

Ace Hidden Popup Spawner is a freeware, which can be implemented in your web page to display a chain of windows. Supports a preset timer to open...


Achims Guestbook 2.51

A simple guestbook that can handle a lot of data with no MySQL database. Configure the layout and other options to adapt it to your needs. Includes...


Achims Newsbook II.52

Achims Newsbook is multi-platform compatible. Achims Newsbook is a powerful multilanguage php guestbook which can handle a lot of data without...


Analogical Clock 1.0

Analogical Clock is multi-platform compatible. This script display a image of a analogic clock on your Web page.


Banner and Link Slideshow

This is an amazing JavaScript that can be used to enhance your website by displaying a slideshow of the banners along with its links. Using this...