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Digital Signatures

Active Crypt 2.3.2003

This is a powerful multithreaded ActiveX object capable of encrypting data. Using this software you can hash both strings and files through...


Activecrypt 2.III

This is an effective program for implementing RSA encryption for securing data. This program will be of much use for the programmers in programming...


AspEncrypt 1.I

With AspEncrypt, you can encrypt and decrypt files and messages using industry-standard ciphers such as RC2 or DES. Generate and manage...


Big Faceless PDF Library 2.V

The Big Faceless PDF Library is a Java class library for creating PDF documents. The Extended Edition now offers the functionality to create and...


DigiSign 1.0

DigiSign is a COM component to create data checksums, digital signatures, certificates, and a multitude of other applications that with one-way...


Exchanger XML Lite 3.II

The Exchanger XML Lite edition is completely free for home, academic or non-profit use. No registration required, no 30-day usage limit. /...


ionCube Standalone PHP Encoder 3.I

With the help of ionCube Standalone PHP Encoder users can protect their php codes based on optimised compiled bytecodes and several layers of...


IP*Works! CC ICharge V6 C++ Edition

Using this simple tool, transactions with other major credit processing gateways become very simple. This tool is fast, efficient and error free...


Security Practices for Web Services (Part 1): Now I Understand

Security is the most mature area of the Web Services architecture and it should be. However, getting up to speed on what security means in a Web...


SqWebMail 4.0.4

Webmasters can utilize this tool to offer distinctive mail services to their site visitors. This system allows multiple recipients. This tool...


wodSmtp ActiveX component

Using this efficient component, messages can be created easily and sent directly to the receivers' SMTP servers. This component supports SSL...


Chilkat Mail

Powerful, free Email component. Supports attachments, HTML, distribution lists, S/MIME encryption and digital signatures, SMTP authorization, XML...

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Alice Invoice 1.0

alice_invoice provides a simple ruby interface for downloading invoices and corresponding digital signatures from German ISP Alice.


XML-Security Plug-In rc.1.6.1

The Eclipse XML-Security Plug-In allows you to experiment with the W3C recommendations on digital signatures and encryption and to learn all about...

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Open eSign 1.0

Open eSign allows software developers and technical parties in a company to create secure, online (web-based) forms and documents that follow a...


Chilkat Crypt

Add AES encryption or PKI-enable your apps or websites. Chilkat Crypt allows applications or websites to encrypt/decrypt data or files using the...

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StrSecII 1.4.59

StrSecII is a collection of security related components and routines for Delphi4, Delphi5, Delphi6 and Delphi7. It will give yoyu some of the...


PDFtoolkit VCL 2.0

VCL components to edit, parse, secure, sign, merge, split, view, print and annotate PDF and AcroForms documents.

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Professional PDF report VCL component 3.3

Vis PDF is a professional VCL component for Delphi and C++ Builder that provides you with the ability to create PDF documents. VisPDF does not use...

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VisPDF LibX 3.4

Activex library for creating PDF files

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