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Dictionary For Samsung Star Touch Notonl

Dictionary (Words Vocabulary) Script

This is an online program which lets the webmasters to permit their visitors to have the facilities to refer the dictionary for any two languages...


Guru Glossary 0.3

A glossary/dictionary for your website. Link words and phrases directly to their definitions. Easy admin from a password protected control panel.


kN2Tag 1.3.1

kN2Tag is an experimental tag system dealing used for getting in touch with posters. Built-in features include: smilies; admin controls; QuickMail;...


NetSpell 2.1.2007

NetSpell is an ASP.NET application which can be integrated into users website for checking spelling in various languages and also provides...


Paradico 1.0

Paradico is a dictionary for Databases application for Delphi and Paradox Tables. Because the structures of tables are often modified, it's really...

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Dev Tools 1.1

This software is a set of small tools very usefull for everybody, but especially for programmers. Grep, Touch, DFMTXT, DB Export, ICOBMP, WinMatch.

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British Medical Spellcheck 0.01

A medical spell checking dictionary for British English, consisting of approximately 5,000 words.

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Spellchecker : next generation 1.0

Dictionary for young child learning french.

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Dict-es-AR for Ooo 3

Spanish - Argentinian dictionary for Ooo3


Conversor Houaiss Babylon 1.0

Converter from Houaiss dictionary for the Babylon dictionary database format.


PADict 0.9.0

a kanji/kana Japanese/English dictionary for Palm PDAs (>=4MB, >=PalmOS 3.

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Cruddy! 1.03

Instant CRUD web front-end, featuring auto-discovery of the data dictionary for an RDBMS source.

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Vietnamese English Dictionary 1.0

A easy to use, simple dictionary for translating and studying between Vietnamese and English on windows mobile.

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StarCASE 1.0

StarCASE is the compiler, code generator and development environment for the Star language.


Project Setup Five Star Reports 1.0

This project is a timeline of the new reports implementation for Five Star.


TOrckaSpellChecker 1.0

<p>TOrckaSpellChecker is a non visual native VCL Spell Checking component.<p>This component supports the following features...

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ParseWare 1.5

ParseWare is a library that provides name and address parsing functionality for Delphi developers. The library contains parsers for an individual's...

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PyGecko 1.0

Wrappers for Mark Hammonds PyDOM Work in Mozilla.


Stars Rate

StarsRate is a "rate my pic" type of script used to poll your web site visitors.


aspell-gu 0.03.0

Aspell is a widely used, open-source spellchecking tool.

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