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Astanda Directory Project [ADP] 1

Astanda Directory Project [ADP] is a directory, search engine, and spider/crawler software. Your own breed of DMOZ and Google. ADP is the only...

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clucene indexing daemon 1.0

Clucened is a project to build a daemon around CLucene, which is a C++ implementation of the Lucene search engine.


CGI Script Center's PicLink Advertiser Pro 1.0

Designed to allow the hands-free creation of advertising and search engine linking web pages. Visitors fill in the URL of an image and their web...


CGI Script Center's: PicLink Advertiser 1.0

Designed to allow the hands-free creation of Advertising and Search Engine linking web pages! Visitors fill in the URL of an image and their web...



Web site development / If you require I can develop an entire web site to your specifications. I'm familiar with all aspects of site design , use...

Freeware Doorway Page Generator 1.0

As more and more people are looking for ways to improve their exposure on search engines it becomes very important to keep your website in the top...


SEO Manual 1.0

The intent of this contribution is to provide basic infomation on search engine optimization with a compilation of resources.


CESurfer 1.0

This project is an implementation of a web search engine using .


A Text-Based Search Engine

A Text-Based Search Engine is a tutorial which deals with generation of a text search engine in the users website. This tutorial offers guideline...



diskMETA-Personal is a standard version of hard disk search engine that gives possible solutions for online searching with stemming technologies....


eSyndiCat Free Link Exchange Software 1.III

eSyndiCat is a FREE directory script created to make your link exchange process easier and more convenient. Free support, free upgrades,...


Jackpot Search Engine Module 1.0

Increase the users of your PPC search engine by offering a jackpot they can win when they search. This module automates the entire process.


Linker IMG 1.II

The Linker IMG is a simple and easy to use image gallery script. With this script you can upload the images or pictures that you want to display in...


MegaGiga CGI Archive

Growing archive of scripts including search engine, picture post, mailing list manager, site promotion & automation, doorway page builders and many...


Open Tracker

Open Tracker is an ASP based tool used for tracking the website regularly and gives daily, weekly, monthly and yearly report accurately. It tracks...


PHP RobotVisit 1.0

PHP RobotVisit is a PHP based software designed to track online site visitors and users. Using this script you will be able to keep track of your...


Robot Control Pro 2.0

This script will block email harvester robots and file download tools from accessing your site. Includes detailed email notification on search...



An enhanced version of the SWISH search engine by Kevin Hughes at EIT, incorporating a number of bug fixes and improvments. A SWISH-E discussion...


The Super Site Searcher 2.34

You can use it to just search your own site, plus you can setup a seperate search engine to search a particular category of urls submitted by your...


Mutis Full Text Search Engine 1.4.beta1

Mutis is a Delphi port of the Lucene Search Engine.

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