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Dfd For Employee Employee System

Employee Crowdfunding Software

Completely new and outstanding way for employee empowerment & employee retention via employee crowdfunding platform for your company crowded by...

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Computer System Builder 2.V

Computer System Builder is multi-platform compatible. If your company sells computers - Computer System Builder is designed for you. Computer...


e107 Website System 0.616

e107 is an enhanced PHP script that gives features to establish a dynamic website. It includes user administration interface for registering...


File System Directory Functions 0.1

Wrappers for simple file system operations. When reading a file, instead of doing fOpen/fRead/fClose everytime, you'd use the function read_file...


NthWindTraders for WAP phone

This article is basically for WAP enabled system users by which they can edit their data using mobile equipments like cellphone, palmtronics etc.,...


Site Navigation for PHP

This tutorial tells how to create easy naviagation system for your website using PHP. PHP gives all the tools like, while loops, math operators for...


Bold DB Adapter for AccuracerDB

New Bold DB adapter for Accuracer Database System

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MetaGroupLib for Delphi 1.0

MetaGroupLib was designed for defining data structures quickly. Originally evolved from a dynamic database for a agent system, where data could be...

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Package request tracking system 1.0

An online system for an operating system which maintains a package repository to keep track of user's package requests; and which packager is...

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Shop Management Information System 1.0

it is a simple software and used as a management information system developed in java and will be purely designed for windows operating system you...


eZ Job Management System 1.0

The first and only open source software solution for Job Management System (JMS).


myFlow System: The Open Source FlowSyste 1.0

myFlow system can be used as flow tracker based on rule sets for any fulfillment system, where there is a need to interact with external systems.


inferno for openmoko 1.0

patches for inferno operation system (http://code.



CMSmx is a php based script and is a content management system which allows you for updating websites. It has tutorial which helps to design a...



JxFileWatcher is a cross-platform library that provides convenient Java API for monitoring file system events. It is available for Windows, Linux...

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Browser Based HTML Editor 3.00pre2

QWebEditor brings the power of word processor to browsers. It is a browser based HTML editor. Its WYSIWYG feature is perfect for content management...


Creating an ASP.NET based directory explorer

Creating an ASP.NET based directory explorer is a web based article through which beginners can gain information about directory explorer and the...


Cryptomak Cipher Tools 1..1

Cryptomak is a PHP program that uses the website, Phrame for building a MVC (Model, View, Controller) on PHP included websites. It encrypts and...


DeskPRO 2.0.0

DeskPRO is written in PHP with MySQL backend database for customer support system. The major features of DeskPRO include unlimited custom fields...



DirectoryZ is a PHP implemented web based program through which webmasters will be able to produce a directory module for their content system. It...