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IOS Track

IOS/Track supports ASP enabled platforms which is highly used with issue and bug tracking on projects. Supports unlimited member team with multiple...


Loris Hotels Reservation System 2.II

Loris Hotels Reservation System is a result of 2 years research and development by Lithuanian Tourism Organization "Tourism Fund of Lithuania" and...


OnTime Defect Tracker

This OnTime Defect Tracker tool is useful for the software development team to handle the bugs in their projects and you can easily generate...


Eventum 1.0

Eventum is a user-friendly and flexible issue tracking system that can be used by a support department to track incoming technical support...


Hungarian Data Base for Ascent emu 1.0

HDB Project is a new formed database development team & community for Ascent Emulator.


TimeBox 1.0

TimeBox is a small collection of simple, Ant-based tools for tracking build times across an entire development team.


RBGui 1.0

An open source GUI originally created by Right Brain Games, and extended by The Far Wilds development team(Code Collective, LLC) www.


grid-dnd 1.0

Source code for sub-projects of Grid D&D development team from SPbSU, Russia.


Crap4j 1.0

Crap4j is a subjective metric that tells stakeholders how much crap they would be in if the development team for a project went away and they had...


LinkSmart Middleware 2.0.2013.02.06

The LinkSmart development team is pleased to announce the release of LinkSmart 2.

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TDMFR 1.074.beta

TDM for Xoops Development Team for xoops french, Creating a module for Xoops.

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Defect Agent Defect and Bug Tracking Software 3.0

Defect Agent is get-to-the point defect tracking software for software development teams. Track bugs and enhancement suggestions. General features...

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Code Co-op 4.0

Add Code Co-op, a powerful collaboration and version control (VCS) tool, to your development projects. It is the affordable VCS supporting...

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Model driven framework / Code generator 1.0

Model driven code generation can improve coding standards, speed, quality of development and reduce your costs.

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Web Provider 2.3

The Open Source CGI WebBroker replacement.It allows you to develop CGI applications in Apache and Linux environment with the Open Source versions...

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CTLibXplorer 1.31

CTLibXplorer was designed to assist SQL developers and users with the tedious task of obtaining, maintaining and testing SQL scripts. It provides...

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SQLXTreme 2.30

SQLXTreme was designed to assist Sybase SQL developers and users with the tedious task of obtaining, maintaining and testing SQL scripts. It...

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BB TestAssistant 1.3

A new type of test tool that records movies of what yousee on your PC screen. Automatically captures application errors and createsbug reports...

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EZNamespaceExtensionsMFC 2009

Add Windows Explorer and File Open/Save dialog integration to document management or similar software using namespace extensions developed with...

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cppcheckdiff 1.0

Using cppcheck in your daily work requires often focusing only on the new findings.