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Design Patterns

Design Patterns Java(TM) Workbook

ava programmers, you now have the resource you need to harness the considerable power of design patterns. This unique book presents examples,...


Design Patterns Tutorial

An article that briefly describes commonly used Design Patterns,- Singleton, Factory Method, Adapter, Proxy, Decorator, Composite, Observer, MVC,...



EJBMaker is a java bean development tool, which makes it easier to develop Enterprise Java Beans by generating the source for CMP (Container...



phpPatterns is building a repository of sample software design patterns written in PHP, to help developers get the most of PHP's object oriented...


Professional VB.NET Design Patterns : Between the Tiers: Design Patterns and .NET Remoting

This is an article that elaborately discusses about the topic design patterns and .NET remoting. This tutorial describes that .NET remoting is the...


The Java Foundry

Here you will find information focusing on enterprise architecture, application profiling, integration, design patterns and various other topics...


Thin-Client Framework

Thin-Client Framework is an advanced java applications with which you would be able to create and run e-commerce applications through model view...


Webware 0.5

Webware is a Unix compatible suite of software components for developing object-oriented, web-based applications. The suite uses well known design...


Webware for Python 0.5

This tool contains a set of software components to develop web-based applications which are multi-threaded using the familiar design patterns such...


XML Design Patterns

Develop effective DTDs and XML Schema documents for your XML using structural design patterns.


NIKAcore 0.1

NIKAcore is a simple PHP website library built on object-oriented best practices including test-first, refactoring, and design patterns.


PatternDetect 1.0

PatternDetect is an Eclipse plugin that extracts the design patterns used in an Eclipse Java project.


AnyiQuack for Delphi 1.0

Object-(Time-Based-)Batch processing with closures, using the most modern OOP design patterns for Delphi>=2010.

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Featherns C++ Patterns Library 0.0.1

This is a tidy lightweight library implementing a series of C++ Design Patterns, aiming to be simple, clean and portable.

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zibaldone 0.1.2

zibaldone is a c++ library that provides easy use of pthread giving classes that encapsulates thread, events and manages thread communications by...

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Rich PHP Library 1.0

Rich PHP Library Incorporating MVC and Active Record design patterns.


Database Access Toolkit 0.0.1

DbKit is an extensible C++ class library based on GoF design patterns.

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BB-XDev 1.0

XDev is open and free set of compilers, additional tools, libraries and design patterns for cross-platform and embedded development in modular...


Co-op Composition Workbench 1.0

Co-op is a workbench for the definition and use of composition operators: abstractions that can encapsulate standard solutions such as coding...

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OOAD Gizmo 1.0

Simple library of some tools like containers and base classes that solve a set of problems in c++ software programs that exert design patterns.