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Design Document For Php Web Application

FLAKE PHP Web App Framework 1.0

FLAKE is a toolkit for PHP web application development.


ps-mvc 1.0

A Plain and Simple Model View Controller framework for PHP web application.


php.MVC 0.3.3

php.MVC is a PHP based framework that helps for PHP web applications. It supports the application design and it implements the Model View...


ASP Documentation Tool

ASP Documentation Tool is a tool which helps users in creating the complete technical documents for the web application like ASP 2.0 and 3.0. This...


ASP/PHP Web Application Builder 6.V

Builds sophisticated, secure ASP/PHP Web Database Apps without programming, but unlike many wizards, it does not sacrifice flexibility for advanced...


php Web Application Builder 6.V

php Web Application Builder is a Windows compatible script that builds sophisticated, secure ASP/PHP Web Database Apps without programming, but...



PHPmac offers several flexible features for PHP based websites that run on Mac OS. Inbuilt modules helps for faster dowloading of PHP files from...


SQLService 1.0

SQL Service is a MySQL/PHP web application intended for use with PHP-Nuke, designed to manage Support Tickets created for purposes of repair, and...

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PandaIDE for PHP 1.0

PandaIDE for PHP is a lightweight PHP IDE for both basic and advanced php web application developer, it supports PHP application debugging and...

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FlowBasis 0.2.alpha

A PHP web application framework centered around a page/control/rpc server model with a framework for modules and permissions.

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Open Web Application Framework 1.0

Open Web Application Framework is an n-tier PHP web application framework for the rapid building of business applications.


Milk and Cookies beta.1

A small, simple and powerful toolkit for the PHP web application developer.

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pimp php framework 1.0

pimp-project is an open source php framework for rapid web application development.


W3C-WCAG Accessible 'Document Blog' 1.0

Document-Oriented Publishing Web application.

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Mescaline is a php web application and framework which makes data stored in databases available to users.

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phpWAFr - PHP Web Application Framework 2

phpWAFr is a PHP Web Application Framework designed to accelerate the development of transactional database Web applications.

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EasyWeb4J 0.5

EasyWeb4J is an end-to-end stack for Java web application development.

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Jade Framework 0.200

JADE is a framework used for fast Web application programming.

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This website gives you a collection of java applets in various categories such as image applets , text applets, games applets, NAV applets and...

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