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Descriptive statistical analysis tool 1.1

This script is a Python module implementing a class which can be used for computing numerical statistics for a given data set.


Descriptive Stats 1.0

Source for the Descriptive Stats Google Gadget.


Descriptive Data Diary 1.0

This is a simple diary program for Windows.

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Simplexar Statsar 1.0.1

Statsar is a high-performance .NET statistics library. The powerful numerical classes are easy to use. Download includes a user guide, reference...

2.0 MB 1.0

TDescStat is Applied Analytic Systems Descriptive Statistics Component Set for Delphi. Use to perform statistical summary on any numeric database...

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TOVDBEnumComboBox 2

TOVDBEnumComboBox component helps to associate integer values kept in database field with descriptive strings - with which user works. Descriptive...


ASP FileSystemObject Object

ASP developers can advance their knowledge in ASP objects specifically on FileSystemObject Object With the help of this online tutorial. Retrieving...


Cgi Image Galler ?

Cgi Image Galler multi-platform compatible. Perl Photo Gallery script which lets you index the images stored in a directory and display them along...


File Uploads Made Easy

This collection of functions, embedded in a descriptive column explaining how to perform File Upload in PHP, will allow you to easily integrate...


Generating RSS with ASP

This CMS article deals and focuses its attention mainly on RSS file creation through ASP. The author has given simple and descriptive ASP codes for...


ID Redirect Script

ID Redirect Script is a simple PHP based script used to show the number of links to your web pages. It has more enhanced features like clean URL...



This job manager website is full featured to support visitor request and queries for carrers and jobs. This website gives an intutive platform for...


Logdog 2.0

This is a perl server script where the users can run sys commands and can monitor the syslogd messages for the phrases and keywords. This program...


Make use of a sensible directory structure!

This is a simple ASP article related to file management techniques. The author has provided his valuable suggestion and guidelines on how to...


Making Clean URL's Tutorial

This is a simple article in which the author has explained the readers about how to rewrite your website URL's to be search engine friendly. The...


Realty Architect 1.0.5

Add and edit your listings via an intuitive web-interface. Add photos and descriptive fields, set access rights for users and publish with a press...


Untangling the Web

Untangling the Web is an useful reference tool kit for B2B transaction communication for web services. This editorial publish gives crystal clear...


Using Scripting Languages

This ASP tutorial provides descriptive explanation for HTML, programming and scripting languages and describes their relation among them to perform...


Using the GetObject( ) function

This online ASP tutorial directs you how to implement GetObject( ) function within your ASP application to perform processes like - changing IIS...


VBScript Coding Conventions

Standardizing your source code can be done easily with the help of this VBscript tutorial. The provided tips are available for Variable, procedure...