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Demo Project On Hotel And Restaurant Php

Pre Hotel and Resorts Reservation Portal 1.0

Pre Hotel and Resorts reservation portal. Agents, Hotel and Resorts owner can submit their hotels and resorts for booking. Email alerts on rooms or...

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How to Install and Configure PHP 3 on Windows

How to Install and Configure PHP 3 on Windows is an article with which the author has given PHP installation procedures for windows platforms....


Extract All URLs on a Page Using PHP

Extract All URLs on a Page Using PHP helps the novice PHP programmers to write a script to collect all links from a web based or HTML page when an...


Installing and configuring PHP to work with IIS

This tutorial explains the details of installing and configuring php on IIS web server. This tutorial help users to download PHP binary on a...


QuickScheduling's Project Time Tracking and Employee Time Management

QuickScheduling's Project Time Tracking and Employee Time Management is an online PHP based software designed to administer individual time...


Generating Images on the Fly With PHP

This is a simple and useful tutorial which teaches you how to create images using PHP functions and to send them directly to the web browser. The...


Ask and Receive - PHP Reciprocal Link Software

A full-featured reciprocal link management system that lets visitors automatically add their own links to your site. You approve accepted links....


Image Generation on the FLY using PHP

This article will show you how to use real-time image generation.


Dia Add-on Objects and Templates 1.0

Various Dia add-ons, including objects, templates, etc.


AdminPro 1.2

A user authentication class based on MySQL and the PHP Session functions. It includes a user management application script and a MySQL table setup...


Authenticate and Track Users with PHP

This article in webmonkey goes into detail about the methods of authenticating and tracking users that are available to the PHP programmer. It...


Basic Installation of PHP on a Unix System

Basic Installation of PHP on a Unix System is an article that explains the methodology of installing PHP on your unix systems. This tutorial will...


Graphing with PHP and GD

This article explains how to use statistics gathered from a MySQL database and the PHP GD libraries to dynamically create simple line graphs for...


PHP and MySQL Web Development

The PHP server-side scripting language and the MySQL database management system (DBMS) make a potent pair. Both are open-source products--free of...


PHP, Javascript and VBScript Language Summary

In this tutorial the author shares his own experience on PHP with the visitors. This tutorial gives some information after differentiating PHP...


Using PHP and IIS to Create a Discussion Forum

Learn how to use PHP on windows and IIS to create a basic discussion forum that makes use of a powerful database.


PHP-Mobile Project 1.0

This project is for carrying language PHP for mobiles platforms (PalmOS and others).


Research and HIPAA Ready PHP Framework 1.0

This project is to create a PHP 5 framework that is ready for rapid development of code but still be considered HIPAA complaint.


Creating and accessing MySQL data with PHP

Creating and accessing MySQL data with PHP is an article that explains to get data with your php scripting to gather information within a MySQL...


How To Install Apache, Php and Mysql

Installing Apache, php and Mysql in a windows environment is what this tutorial is all about. This article even has links to download php, Mysql...