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Delphi Application Framework

nTierIt Application Framework

Developing client/server and multi-tier applications can be a time-consuming process. With nTierIt Application Framework for Delphi, however,...

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IAF - Interfaced Application Framework

IAF - Interfaced Application Framework is a Delphi project that aims to templatize applications by providing the correct framework (Heavily based...

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BlueShoes PHP Application Framework 4.2

An application framework written in and for PHP 4 with 140 well-documented classes intended for the advanced programmer.


Building Application Framework with C# - Introduction

This online tutorial helps the webmasters to know about the art of creating application framework with the help of C#. The author briefs about the...


Delphi Application Peeper Lite

Delphi Application Peeper or DAP is a tool designed to assist software developers, project managers and professional beta-testers in testing new...

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Delphi Application Peeper Pro 2.4

Delphi Application Peeper is an unique tool which allows you to investigate Delphi and C++ Builder applications during them are running! By one...

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ENet Application Framework 1.0

An application framework for c++ comprised of multiple open source libraries and original systems.


RcpFuse: Java RCP application framework 1.0

RcpFuse application framework or skeleton that integrates Java libraries to help you develop Rich applications quickly and efficiently.


Qenos Application Framework (QAF) 1.0

Qenos Application Framework is a full-featured workflow development environment and standardisation platform for IBM Lotus Notes.


Qb application framework 1.0

Qb is an application framework which will provide dynamic object creation, ODBC support, XML support, and more.

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Ryan's Database Application Framework 1.0

Ryan's Database Application Framework (RyansDAF) aims to be a PHP-based framework to enable rapid development of web-based databases.


Java Web Application Framework 2.0

Java Web Application Framework.

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FreeGee Application Framework 70

FreeGee is an integrated application framework for Python and C++.

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INACTIVE: Java Web Application Framework 0.70

Java Web Application Framework (JWAF) is a framework designed to extend existing per-tier frameworks such as Struts and Castor, to provide a...

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MyAppFW PHP Application Framework 0.1.beta

MyAppFW is basic php application framework designed to be used as a base or learning guide for PHP projects that need (Multiple) Template Support,...

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JX Application Framework 3.0.0

JX is a full-featured C++ application framework and widget library (SDK) for use with the X Window System.

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Java Cellular Application Framework 1.0

The core of an extensible cellular system that serves as the basis for an entirely new, modular application framework


XDEV Application Framework 1.0

The XDEV Application Framework provides the basic architecture for XDEV RAD applications.


Seagull PHP Application Framework 1.0

Seagull is an OO PHP application framework that has the following design goals: a) independence of data, logic & presentation layers; b)...

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PMVCLite Web Application Framework 1

PMVCLite (abbreviation of PHP Model-View-Controller Lite) is a lightweight and powerfull generic object-oriented web application framework library

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