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Delphi 5

LMD-Tools SE for Delphi 5 6.11

NEW VERSION! Now based on LMD-Tools 6!LMD Tools Special Edition (for Delphi 5) is a collection of more than 100 native VCL components that can be...


MetaTree Component (for Delphi 5,6,7) 1.2

MetaProducts Corporation has released MetaTree Component version for Delphi 5,6, a control to show hierarchical information as a graphs...


Hex Editor Delphi 5 Control 1.0

Powerful Hex Editor Delphi 5 VCL Control. Features: Multilevel undo/redo; Print; Insert/Over edit mode; Fast find/replace text; View and edit as...


ESBPCS forVCL - Delphi 5 Trial 2.2

ESB Professional Computation Suite (ESBPCS) for VCL now supplies over 6000 Routines/Methods and over 150 Classes/Components in over 100 units to...

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Delphi 5 Standard Update Pack

This update is intended for use with the Standard version of the Delphi 5.

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FoemEdit - Delphi 5 version 1.0

FormEdit library is set of Delphi components for creating end user visual form editors, report editors. Contain more improved standard Delphi...


SDL Component Suite for Delphi 5 7.0

The SDL Component Suite for Delphi contains 28 Delphi units covering a wide range of applications in science and engineering, e.g. math,...


Common Controls Components Package (Delphi 5) 2.0

This package contains some useful components: TDBSpinEdit; TDBEGrid; TFloatSpinEdit; CustomDBMultiCheckBox; TStringDBMultiCheckBox.And is equipped...

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STDynArray for Delphi 5

One of the most missed features for those transitioning from Paradox to Delphi has been the lack of a DynArray. Until now! Software Technology...

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Vivid Report for Delphi 5 2.0 Std

Vivid Report is a library of visual components for C++ Builder and Delphi, which provides creating printable reports of almost any complexity.Vivid...

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LMD-Tools for Delphi 5 6.10

NEW VERSION! Check for more info!
LMD Tools 6.X is a collection of >300 native VCL components that can be compiled into...


AfalinaSoft XL Report for Delphi 5 4.1 build 120

Get sick and tired of report coding? Excel reporting and data analyzing with a single line of code:
Free design, all Excel features directly in...


Delphi 5 Core Help files (Standard edition)

This collection includes all files in the core Help system. For Delphi Standard edition.

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Delphi 5 Core Help package (Enterprise edition)

This collection includes all files in the core Help system. For Delphi Enterprise version.

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Delphi 5 Core Help package (Professional edition)

This collection includes all files in the core Help system. For Delphi Professional version.

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Delphi 5 Translation Repositories

German and French translations of Delphi's VCL strings for use with the Translation Repository.

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InfoPower 2000 for Delphi 5 Evaluation Version

InfoPower 2000 is a suite of award-winning visual components specifically designed to give professional database developers unmatched power in...

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ZieglerCollection one (Delphi 5) 2.00

"ZieglerCollection one" includes more than 100 components and a large collection of functions and routines, made to make your life a lot...


MetaTree Component (for Delphi 5)

MetaTree is a control to show hierarchical information as a graphs tree. A user can select the desired node using mouse. It looks like a flat...


1stClass 2000 Delphi 5 Evaluation Version

1stClass 2000 brings spectacular high-class components to your applications to make them truly stand out. From its eye-catching image-shaped forms...

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