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Delphi 1

ZieglerCollection one (Delphi 1) 1.61

"ZieglerCollection one" includes more than 100 components and a large collection of functions and routines, made to make your life a lot...


jDPro - a miniprofiler for Delphi 1-7 1.5

Simple profiling system. Consists of one unit that you use in your units to be profiled. Then you embrace code to be profiled into API calls (just...

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Abakus VCL Freeware

'Freeware version of the Abakus VCL for Delphi 1+2 and CBuilder 1.Included are ''flicker free'' Compass, Meters, Bars (Gauge), Digital indicators...

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Faster report design, accurate page layout and text positioning. It's a very easy to create complex report in Delphi 1, 2 and 3. Freely design the...

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Unsigned 1.4

This ZIP archive contains the Unsigned unit, for implementing unsigned 32-bit integer comparisons in Delphi. For Delphi 1.0, you must also download...

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Strings Unit 1.0

Delphi 1.0/Delphi 2.0 string compatibility unit. Delphi 2.0 has long strings, and uses the SetLength and SetString functions to manipulate them....

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MIKS Collection 1.0

Coolection of few components:MButton with 3-bitmap state, MS-Explorer look, Win98 Look, and other effects...MDraw is PaintBrush-all-in-oneMStatus...

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Timers 1.0

Contains timers for use in Delphi 1.0. All timers use only one single windows timer that is multiplexed to all the timer components. This will make...

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Four Delphi 1.0 & 2.0 experts: MemExpt Resource meter to spot resource leaks (16bit only!)CompExpt Adds copyright info and comments to a new...

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DesignerForms 1.2

DesignerForms is a group of components you can use to enhance the look and functionality of the forms in your Delphi 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and C++ Builder...

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DesignerForms for D5

DesignerForms is a group of components you can use to enhance the look and functionality of the forms in your Delphi 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and C++ Builder...

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TFontListBox & TFontComboBox 1.0

Two controls for choosing installed fonts for Delphi 2, 32-bit. Slight adjustments necessary for use under Delphi 1. They show TTF, Type1 and...

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The unit MATH1 offers several fundamental arithmetic operators and mathematical/logical routines which have not been implemented in Delphi 1.0...

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TWAVSampler 1.0.1

TWAVSampler is a component that records and plays back wave audio using the MMSystem unit. It also fixes the Delphi 1 waveInClose bug.

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Animated SystemTray Icon 3.3

Allows you add animated icons to the Windows system tray. Even in Delphi 1.0 applications... Animate, Enable and Disable your Icon in System Tray...

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Win32Crt 2.00

This product is a complete drop-in, for 32-bit Delphi, for the WinCrt-unit that is part of Delphi 16-bit (Delphi 1.x) and BPW.Not only is Win32Crt...

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Chameleon Tab Controls (Classic Component Set) 2.20

Tab and page controls for Delphi 1-5. Coloured tabs, custom tab backgrounds, multi-line captions, tabs on different sides, glyphs on tabs,...

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TVoxPlay 1.00

Component to handle VOX (Dialogic telephony voice files) with the maximum easy. Play and record directly, convert from to WAV and other formats....

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PasIndent Lite 1.03

A Tool for Borland Delphi 1.0, Borland Delphi 2.0, Turbo Pascal, and Standard Pascal users. PasIndent reads your source code and rewrites it using...

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WebSBT 1.0

VCL components for Delphi 1.0 & 2.0 designed to support CGI (Delphi 2.0 only), WinCGI (Delphi 1.0 and 2.0) and ISAPI extensions (Delphi 2.0...

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