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Delete Multiple Checkbox From Mysql Ph

Selecting, Confirming & Deleting Multiple Checkbox Items In A DataGrid (i.e. HotMail & Yahoo)

Selecting, Confirming & Deleting Multiple Checkbox Items In A DataGrid (i.e. HotMail & Yahoo)is an useful tutorial which helps you to delete...


Using Forms to Do Batch Database Updates

This is an online tutorial section for the database administrators which helps them to update and remove multiple records from database using...


PHPMaker 4.3

PHPMaker is a powerful automation tool (for Windows) that can generate a full set of PHP quickly from MySQL database. Using PHPMaker, you can...

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ASPUploader 1.II

Webmasters can utilize this simple ASP script to enable file upload at websites. ASPUploader works fast and uses very small amount of server...


csGuest 1.0

Manage multiple guestbooks from one admin interface that allows you to add/modify/delete/view guestbook entries. Advanced style editing allows you...


Free Site 1.III

The Free Site 1.3 project was created to run a free site ( RAFS ). The principal works by requiring members to complete an offer and then have a...


Gate Owl Community Creator

Gate Owl Community Creator is a program developed with perl which provides secured login facilites for users to access a restricted site. Three...


itw Calendar 4.1.2003

itwCalendar is a PHP based calendar programme. MySQL database is used at backend of this software to store data. This script allows the users to...


JSPMaker 1.0

JSPMaker is a powerful yet easy-to-use code generator that creates a full set of JSP (JavaServer Pages) quickly from MySQL or Oracle. / Using the...


My-sq-xl 1.0

Generate Excel workbooks from MySQL tables. It can handle multiple spreadsheets and features several display options, multiple date formats,...


ProviderTool 3.00

ProviderTool is a PHP / MySQL driven software which can be used as a PHP development system. Your entire administration to control web server,...


Server Monitor 1.0

Server Monitor is a simple PHP based online server management tool capable of monitoring ports. You can keep track of multiple ports from a list of...


SQL Relay 0.34.3

This tool is basically used to speed up the function of web based database application, to migrate data between databases, access data from the...


Using SQL Set Notation to do Batch Deletes

In this article, the author clearly explains the method of deleting multiple records from the database table using check boxes on the HTML form....


Navicat for MariaDB (Linux)

Navicat for MariaDB database management apply in any MariaDB database servers from version 5.1 or above and supports all MariaDB objects types....

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PHP Report Maker 1.0

PHP Report Maker is a powerful reporting tool that can generate dynamic PHP Web reports from MySQL database. You can instantly create live detail...

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Banner Management Script 1.1

Start Selling Banner Ads on multiple websites from 1 place

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MySQL to MSSQL database converter

MySQL to MSSQL database conversion software easily convert database created in MySQL server into MSSQL server. Freeware database converter tool...

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MySQL Database Converter

Database converter freeware provides option to convert entire or selected table records from MySQL to MS SQL database. MySQL format to MSSQL...

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DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL 1.0.0

DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL allows two-way conversion from SQLite to MySQL or from MySQL to SQLite. You can convert to MySQL Dump and to PHP...

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