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Decrypt And Encrypt Text In Textbox

Batch RegEx 5.0

Replace, format, and extract text in multiple files using Regular Expressions. Perform GREP-like tasks including search and replace, RegEx...

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Crypto Anywhere - OpenPGP Edition

Crypto Anywhere is secure email on the move ! Users can decrypt and encrypt messages to friends who use PGP, OpenPGP, SecExMail and many more....

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activePDF Toolkit 3.5.2002

This is a program that can be used by the users to enable an easier dynamic PDF file manipulation and generation. This program facilitates users to...


Code4Design CMS 2.0

Code4Design CMS is a simple script based on php and is a content management tool that helps web designers to make a site with look and feel and can...


JS NotePad 1.0

Notepad supports search and replace text in Web forms. Jump to any line of text. Edit script source online. Notepad supports IE and Firefox.


Perl 5 Interactive Course : Certified Edition

First, the book outlines the basics of creating and running Perl scripts. (Though this is a Unix-centered approach, the examples will run on...


Single and double quotes

Single and double quotes enables the PHP website programmers to include quote symbols with their PHP program. You can use the single quote to...


smc MailList Standard

smc MailList standard is powered on CGI and perl scripting language that offers features to manage subscription module through web based admin...


THTMLStatusBar 1.3

Enhanced status bar with many new options and capabilities:support for mini HTML formatted text in panels, including capability to add hyperlinks,...

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CodeParser 0.25a

CodeParser let's you select a set of sourcefiles recursively and perform actions on them. You can search and replace text in them and also perform...

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Simple Text Search & Replace 1.0

Search and replace text in multiple files easily at once

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csart - Clever-Search-And-Replace-Text 0.7

csart - Clever-Search-And-Replace-Text Search, find and replace text in named files or recursive in all directories (-r).

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Bible Tools 0.13.9

A toolbox for searching and extracting text in Bible databases.

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Orbital's SQL Decryptor 1.0.0

Orbital's SQL Decryptor is the first product to decrypt SQL triggers, views and stored procedures in an easy to use Enterprise Manager-like...


Displaying HTML Text in Flash

This tutorial teaches you how to preserve rich text formatting in a Flash textbox like font, font style, hyperlink, paragraph, and other text...


Is Prime Function

This web based ASP tutorial directs you to use the string functions for various purposes and here it is taught that using ASP math functions you...



OMNI is a simple online order processing script written in PERL that helps merchants and e-sellers to screen any kind of fraud and hack attempts in...



PrintAdapters is a web based printer application with the adaptor for printing tree view, list view, rich text view, data table, and data view...


Resetting forms using an Image Button (IE4+) & (NN4+)

This is a a tutorial which teaches the users how to use the process of resetting textbox, text area and checkbox contents in the forms using image...


SMTP Component for .NET 2.0

Securely send, view, edit, sign/verify, and encrypt/decrypt mails in your app

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