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BitControlr MPEG-2 Decoder 1.2

The bitcontrol MPEG-2 video and audio decoder is a built-in DirectShow filter for Windows Media Player or other multimedia players, which are able...

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A Cookie Parser

A parser and decoder for the HTTP Cookie line for use in CGI programs. Comes with an on-line demo of using cookies to store cascading style sheet...


ASP Punycode IDN decoder and encoder 1.0

Decoding and encoding between punycode, unicode string (BSTR), binary, utf-8 and conversion to/from other code pages. On-line sample decoder and...


JavaLayer 0.2.0

JavaLayer is an application that can be used as a Java MP3 decoder library. This can also act as a simple player and supports audio streaming. This...



JavaZOOM is a site loaded with numerous applets, servlets, open source projects and web services which can be downloaded by you into your web pages...


Punycode 1.0

Decoding and encoding between punycode, unicode string (BSTR), binary, utf-8 and conversion to/from other code pages. On-line sample decoder and...


SWF Decompiler 1.I

wf decompiler, decompile swf, swf decompile, flash decompile, flash decompiler, decompile swf files, parse flash movie,browse Flash files,download,...


Ease-CD-to-MP3-Maker 1.21

CD to MP3 Maker is an extremely easy to use cd ripper and MP3 to WAV decoder and WAV to MP3 encoder for Windows 9X/ NT/ Me/ 2000/ XP. It copies the...

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MPEG2Lib 1.00

MPEG2Lib can decode MPEG2 encoded video frame by frame. The decoder is based on MPEG2Decode from MPEG Software Simulation Group. It supports both...

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Vqf API Package 1.1

With this unit and decoder DLL you can play vqf files, nothing is needed except the decoder DLL which is included in the package and the unit. Full...

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Zilla Audio Converter-Extractor

Advanced Encode and Decode Tools contains only Hi-Fi compression algorithms, unique AC3 Decoder, WMA, Ogg Vorbis and MP3 formats support, Easy To...

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Phone Tone Decoder 3.2

PhoneTone Decoder Control is not an end-user application program but a programming component for beginning to advanced developers. Component...

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AW Capi Pro

Delphi Development of ISDN telephony. AWCapi supports almost every CAPI Supplementary Service and it has a built-in DTMF decoder/encoder (it...

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Generic Image Decoder 2

The Generic Image Decoder is a package for decoding a broad variety of image formats, from any data stream, to any kind of medium.

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Tonic EPC 2

Tonic EPC is an EPC (Electronic Product Code) Encoder/Decoder library written in C#.

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mini JPEG codec 1.0

A minimum JPEG encoder and decoder for embedded system with limited CPU resource.


onanjpeg 1.0

Oberon-2 implementation of NanoJPEG compact JPEG decoder (http://keyj.


Smart Protocol Decoder rc.0.9

ProtocolAnalyser provides an integrated develop environment for generating a protocol-decoder.

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crf decoder 1.0

CRF decoder is the simplified version of CRF++, only for decoding the sequential data.

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ASP .Net viewstate decoder / encoder + 2.0.0

viewstate is a decoder and encoder for ASP .

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