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Advanced Web Ranking 2.5.2004

Advanced Web Ranking is an effective utility that can check for your website in popular search engines. Webmasters are facilitated with the ability...


HTTP Interceptor 1.3M

This component is used for checking the communication between the internet and the browser. It allows users to view the HTTP header and the users...


ISAPI Rewrite 2.4 build 42

ISAPI Rewrite is a powerful ISAPI filter. This URL manipulation software is efficient in placing your application on popular search engines by...


Meta Name Parser Ver. 1 1.0

You may parse meta names from your site or an external url. Script can display title, description and keywords of selected page. Script is freeware...


PHP and MySQL Web Development

The PHP server-side scripting language and the MySQL database management system (DBMS) make a potent pair. Both are open-source products--free of...


IconForge 7.20

Complete suite for creating, extracting and editing icons, cursors, animated icons or cursors. Also use for projects such as, website URL...

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High-Logic Component Package 1.2

Contains:UndoRedoRepeat Component - Ever wanted undo, redo and repeat functionality in your applications? This component simplifies the...

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TPJHotLabel 2.0

TPJHotLabel is a simple Delphi component that descends from TLabel. It provides a clickable label that can start the default web browser to access...

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BillingTracker Pro Invoice Software 3.3.0

BillingTracker Pro is time billing and invoicing software for service industry professionals such as lawyers, engineers, accountants, programmers,...

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GrabURL for ActiveX 2.1

GrabURL for ActiveX is a ActiveX component capable of reading the browser name, document title, and URL from all major browsers. GrabURL for...

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TDropURL 1.1

This component will accept a URL from Netscape or Internet Explorer via OLE andgive you the URL value to do whatever you like with. Just put a...

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TGrabURL for Delphi 3.0

GrabURL for Delphi is a native Delphi component capable of reading the browser name, document title, and URL from all major browsers. GrabURL can...

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URL Monitor 1.0 6.14.2007.2

You only need to add a URL, then the software will work automatically. Monitor URL. (support http, ftp, https) It will check whether the...

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Short Url & Url Tracker Script 1.1

Short Url Service with Url Tracker can be one of the most useful tools for any online marketer. Most of the online marketers don't want to send...

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Url Rotator Script 1.1

URL rotation can be one of the most useful tools for a webmaster.

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Short URL Script 1.0

A clean written php script which allows you to create a short url service.

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HTML Tagging Home Base work

HTML Projects available, Simple typing and basic knowledge required.

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HarePoint Short URL for SharePoint 1.0.490

HarePoint Short URL is intended for creation of short links in for SharePoint site pages, documents, views and list items. The usage of short URLs...

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Elerium HTML to PDF .NET 2.5

Elerium HTML to PDF .NET is a professional component that can be used in any type of .NET projects (C#,VB.NET). The component is able to convert...

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jQuery Accordion Photo Gallery

The jQuery Accordion plugin is an easy to use jQuery photo gallery, that can be adapted for your projects. The component is available both...

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