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Databases For Railway Reservation

BlackBytes Whois for .NET 1.I

The BlackBytes Whois for .NET follows the Whois/NICKNAME protocol and allows queries of InterNIC or other Whois servers, that accomplish RFC 954,...


Building Database Applications on the Web Using PHP3

PHP3 is a powerful and flexible scripting language that integrates well with the open-source Apache Web server. Building Database Applications on...


Discussion Engine - HyperThread 3.VII

Discussion Engine - HyperThread is a message board software designed to support conferences, open user discussions, news briefings etc., This...


MiniApp Beta 0.2

This is a program using which webmasters can create web applications for their ASP.NET programs with ease. This program supports database and...


obieAD 1.II

obieAD is a PHP based script avaiable online for the purpose of managing the ads on your website easily. It does not require MySQL database and...



Unidirect.NET is a .NET based database tool which access data from any data provider. It can access data from multiple database from the same code....


User Reservations System 1.V

User Reservations System is a Unix compatible designed for a site owner that has a function on their site that they would like to have users apply...


Web Curson 1.0

webCursor is a new innovative way to advertise on your site. webCursor popups up a small, unintrusive ad when the mouse cursor is idle. This allows...


Website Monitoring Directory

This website Monitoring Directory program is built by using PHP and this program is essential for every webmaster for viewing their website...


UniDirect .NET Data Provider 1.00

UniDirect .NET data provider offers universal access to data of different databases for the Microsoft .NET Framework. It supports most of major...

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phpMyLingvo 1.2.1

phpMyLingvo - Web-interface for dictionaries stored in MySQL, compatible with databases for PtkDic/GtkDic and JaLingvo.

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Haccess 97 0.0.4

Cross platform, library for reading Microsoft access ( MDB / jet) databases, for data export and recovery.

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db_generator 1.0

Generates large databases for test purposes.


MOLGENIS model-driven database platform 3.0.3

MOLGENIS can be used to generate databases for life science experiments (micrroarray, mass spectrometry, genomics) having a web user interface, csv...

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PostgreSQL Statistics 0.1

Pgsqlstat monitors PostgreSQL databases for critical activity spikes.

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qLauncher rc

qLauncher - tool for administrating and launch databases for system "?

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FbSync 1.0

FbSync is an open source project for Firebird databases, for archiving modified records in database and performing fast and reliable...


EMS SQL Query for DB2 2.2

EMS SQL Query 2005 for DB2 is a utility that lets you quickly and simply build SQL queries to IBM DB2 databases. Visual building as well as direct...

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EMS SQL Query for MySQL 2.2

EMS SQL Query 2005 for MySQL is an utility that lets you quickly and simply build SQL queries to MySQL databases. Visual building as well as direct...

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EMS SQL Query for PostgreSQL 2.2

EMS SQL Query 2005 for PostgreSQL is an utility that lets you quickly and simply build SQL queries to PostgreSQL databases. Visual building as well...

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