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AtlantForum Lite 4.II

AtlantForum Lite is a simple message as well as discussion board with which users can post discussions for topics, reply for the topics, join an...


Contractors Database

Contractors Database is a PHP driven online co-ordinating system that constructs frameworks to merge all subcontractors to admin. Entire data is...


EMS QuickImport 1.4

EMS QuickImport Component Suite allows you to import your data to the database from files in the most popular data formats: MS Excel, MS Access,...


Active Server Bricks 1.0

The result of that work is Active Server Bricks the Site Building Components Library we are presenting on this page. It is based on Microsoft ASP...


Almond Classifieds 3.02

Main features: Users can submit ads with photos and multimedia files; powerful search abilities; privacy mail; optional moderating of ads by admin...


AtlantForum 4.02

A message board that features free or fee based membership, photo and multimedia files with posting, user post/edit/delete/reply abilities, keyword...



This is a module that allows you to create a database whos files are of a given format and add entrys,edit or remove them. Very flexible and easy...



DBPanel adminApp is a database tool used to record the data. It helps the user to store the data and multiple items quickly. The database choice...


Download Manager 1.6 1.6

Download management system. Creates dynamic listings of available files along with descriptions etc from a database of files. Sort by categories....


Easy Gallery 2.II

Easy Gallery is a multi-platform compatible script that makes it a lot easier for you to publish your multimedia files over the internet. Supports...


ElegantJBeans - Data Access

ElegantJBeans - Data Access is a java beans that offers customizable solutions for all users to read, write and edit data stored in databases. You...


getID3 () 1.6.2004

getID3 () is a multi-platform compatible script that allows you to add and extract information on your audio and multimedia files. Can read...


getID3() 1.5.2

This script extracts info from multimedia files. Extracts play time, bitrate, resolution and more. Supports MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, AVI, MPEG-1...


InnovaStudio WebCMS 1.0

InnovaStudio WebCMS is an online content management program that can be used to create and maintain contents on the websites. Users can develop...


Java Media Framework Player -

These JMF player applets illustrate how one can easily and quickly create a simple applet that can load various media types (a 580KB wav audio file...


RatingsHandler 1.0

A powerful application that allows rating of images, text and multimedia files. Includes online admin, templates, unlimited items and ratings, top...



CD-CAT application allows you:keep catalogs of your CDs in the MS Access database;import in the database description files of files and folders on...

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Advanced Data Import 2.4

Advanced Data Import Component Suite for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder will allow you to import your data to the database from files in the most...

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EMS Quick Import 2.3

EMS Quick Import Component Suite for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder will allow you to import your data to the database from files in the most...

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GraphBuilder is a multimedia component that can render any kind of multimedia files (AVI, MPEG, WAV, MP3...) only by calling LoadFile. It supports...

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