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Database Link To M S Access

M's JSON parser 1.5

M's JSON parser is a small JSON parser written in ISO C which enables the user to handle information described by the JSON data interchange...

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Database Connection String using Microsoft Access Driver (DSN less)-ADO OLE DB Connection String

The author describes the task of database connection string using MS Access Driver. Here in this article the author proceeds with DSN Less...


Signup to List(s) Script 2.0

Signup to List(s) Script occupies a lesser area on your disk and inbuilt perl functions performs it's functions universally. Allows webmasters to...


Using ASP and Office Automation to execute an Access Macro

This article mainly deals with the two main technologies ASP and Office Automation. The author shows how to make use of ASP and Office Automation...


Database -- Convert to Comma-Delimited File

This is an online database tutorial which helps the users to create an ASCII comma-delimited file from SQL statements. This article provides sample...


A Beginner's Guide to Microsoft's shared Source CLI

This reference contains all the information about the Common Language Infrastructure. CLR is the ECMA standard which is implemented by rotor. This...


Auto Link to Other Page

This script will redirect you to another page. The destination page is determined by the time of day.


Introduction to Microsoft's .NET Platform 1.0

For those of you who are still waiting to jump on the .NET bandwagon and for those who might be confused by all the fancy lingo, we've published an...


Vlad Karpov Native Link to Oracle

Direct Oracle Access via OCI. Components To8Session, To8Statment, To8DataSet, To8ReadOnlyDataSet, To8DataSet2Oracle.Comments page - in Russian.

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A class keeps a reference to it's instance 1.1

This script implements a base class, which allows derived classes to track instances in self.


Add Whats New Link to Categories Box 2.0

Best used with categories enhancement mod, it is very simple.


database link java 1.0

i want a project for staff module(name,id,attendance,gender.


Call Center Reloaded ASP 2.0

This free call center help desk like application is designed to allow the tracking of support calls in an information technology or non-technology...



beSeen automatically spiders a link exchange partner's Web site before adding the link to it's directory. Directory is: easy to integrate in your...



KISSQ is a Unix compatible script that contains the Stock Quote module for Nuke, Postnuke, and non-Nuke sites. It also includes the Nuke Block and...


LLBLGen I.21

LLBLGen is a code generator tool which is helpful for the database administrator to generate data access stages for .Net platforms. This tool can...


DBForms from MS Access to PHP + MySQL 3.1.6

DBForms from MS Access to PHP + MySQL allows you to convert MS Access tables to MySQL database, MS Access queries to MySQL views, MS Access forms...

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Using a DSN less connection for an MS Access Database

At the end of this online article the developers can learn more about the importance of a DSN Less connection to a MS Access database. The author...


Access Database Repair 2.0

Repair Corrupt MDB is the most powerful Access file recovery tool to repair corrupt MS Access database. Access Database Repair tool to repair...

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DBForms from MS Access to ASP.NET+MS SQL 1.0.0

DBForms from MS Access to ASP.NET+MS SQL allows you to convert mdb (Microsoft Access forms) to .aspx web pages + MS SQL back-end with AJAX support....

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