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Database Enterprise Manager

Orbital's SQL Decryptor 1.0.0

Orbital's SQL Decryptor is the first product to decrypt SQL triggers, views and stored procedures in an easy to use Enterprise Manager-like...


Data Dictionary Tool

This is a program with which users can effectively perform documentation with SQL server database. This program enables to document straight with...


Understanding and Using Views

Understanding and Using Views is a tutorial which helps you to gain more knowledge about the views of the database. View is nothing but the result...


PhpSQLadmin(Mammo) 1.0

Mammo is web application database tool for manage data on Ms SQL Server, like Enterprise Manager , phpmyadmin

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Visual WebGui Enterprise Manager 1.01.beta

A new database tool that is based on Microsoft's "Enterprise Manager" and is actually a natural evolution of the popular "ASP.

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Oracle Grid Control Plugins 1.0

Oracle Grid Control (Enterprise Manager) can monitor Oracle database Servers.


Sifobo Enterprise Manager 1.0

Sifobo Enterprise Manager is an 'easy-to-use' Database Backup Management tool designed for effective database maintenance.


DbManager Oracle Manager 3.2.2

Use DBManager to manage all oracle objects, it replace in only one tool all packs from Enterprise Manager, and more features like:Detailed Session...

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SQLCheck 1.4

This application was written by me as I needed a quick and simple method of running SQL queries and commands on my SQL Server databases. This...

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Download Manager integration 1.0

Integration of pafiledb (Database download manager) with phpBB.


DevX Discussion Groups

Active discussion groups of professional developers for .NET, Visual Basic, Java, C/C++, Database, Enterprise, Security, Wireless, Open...



This is a software developed for all those software programmers working with MSR SQL server 2000 and 7. This mssqlXpress software is bundled with...


DbManager - DBA Tool for Oracle 3.1.5

Use DBManager to manage all oracle objects, it replace in only one tool all packs from Enterprise Manager, and more features like: Detailed Session...

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MCDb Java Database Record Manager b

MCDb is a database record manager written in Java with indexing, locking, etc.

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phpMSAdmin 0.18

phpMSAdmin is a tool written in PHP that allows you to administer a Microsoft SQL Server through a web browser, without the need for Windows or the...

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Database Deployment Manager 1.0

DBM is a Database Deployment Manager application.


PocketPC SQL Manager 1.3

Pocket PC MSSQL Client is targetted to become MSSQL Enterprise Manager on your PocketPC.

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PGSuite 1.0

PGSuite is an MS-SQL Enterprise Manager like application specifically designed for Postgresqlusing Java/Eclipse RCP.


Web Enterprise Manager for SQL Server 1.0

Web Enterprise Manager For SQLServer


skunk 1.0

Simple PHP database content manager