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Database Design Tool

Navicat Data Modeler (Linux) - Database Design Tool - Creating Data Models 1.0.1

Navicat Data Modeler is a powerful and easy-to-use database design tool for creating and manipulating data models. It allows users to visually...

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Pyrphoros - ERD to Database Design Tool alpha.0.0.1

(Pre-Alpha) Cross-Platform ERD to Database Design Tool built in Java.

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xCase Database Design and Maintenance Tool 7.50

xCase is a database design and maintenance tool that specifically supports all the major DBMS. It covers the full database life cycle and allows...

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Generic database Generation tool 1.0

DBGen is a generic batching tool to generate Databases from many database design environments (XSDs in VS2005).


Database Migration Tool (DAMI) 1.0

Database Migration Tool (DAMI)is a migration tool used for transporting data between databases.

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Database Design Experiment 0.1

The Database Design Experiment is an attempt to visualize databases that follow a simple naming convention.

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ADeQuaTe - Alan's Database Query Tool 1.0

This is a GUI Database query tool.

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WaterFlea Database Maintenance Tool 0.6.beta

WaterFlea is a MySQL database maintenance tool written in PHP.

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MySQL Database Administration Tool 1.0

MySQL Database Administration Tool Powered By ExtJSSimple window-based interface, working at your favorite internet browser.


Java Database Query Tool 0.1.1

This project is a 3-tier Database Query Tool to written in java.

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Firebird Database Management Tool 1.0

FbInv is a powerful and graphical Firebird Database Management Tool.


Exodus - Database Migration Tool 1.0

Exodus is a database migration tool.


Multilanguage Database Design in MySQL

This tutorial describes most popular techniques of creating database for multilanguage web sites. Building a multilanguage website is not a trivial...

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Quality of Design Tool Kit 1.0

A tool kit encoding XML schema Naming and Design Rules in Schematron and other computer-interpretable languages, enabling automated rule...

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PostgreSQL database query tool 0.0.1

PgQuery is an interactive GUI tool for querying PostgreSQL databases.

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Database Import Tool 1.0

This Project just started!


Database Fishing Tool 1.0

DaFT is a frontend to any database that can be connected via ODBC.

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DBFree: java database manipulation tool 7

A 100% Java solution for manipulating any JDBC-compliant database.

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Database Web Tool Kit 1.0

This project is a web interfaced system that allow developers to run and manage database queries and get some database details.


MS ACCESS Database Diff tool 1.0

If you a developer you can compare two mdb ( Access 2000 ) databases.