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Cw Decode

b64 -- Base64 Encode/Decode Utility 1.0

base64 RFC1113 Vanilla ANSI-C Code for a portable stand-alone file encode/decode utility.


BER (ASN.1) Encode/Decode .Net Library 1.0

Encode/Decode library to/from Basic Encoding Rules (BER) of ASN.

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Base64 Decode And Basic Authentication

The function decodes Base64 encoded strings in ASP/VBS. Let's you make custom basic http authentication by ASP, without NT security or ISAPI...


CW Ratings 1.1

An advanced ratings system featuring easy installation and an extensive admin panel. Visitors can rate any item in a variety of formats. Item...


Decode Mac OS X Crash Log 1.0.2

A program to apply a link map to a Mac OS X crash log that came from a build without traceback tables.

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CW-Tools 1.0

A collection of reusable tools for developers in .


Alvas.Audio 2019.0

Alvas.Audio for .Net is an audio library written in C#. The collection allows C# and VB.Net developers to create applications that record, play,...

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z_string 1.0

This module provides several functions that can encode and decode a string.



ANEI-MD5 is NOT encryption but it is a signature. There is no known way to reverse decode the MD5 Signature. ANEI-MD5 permits you to identify...


ASP Code Breaker's Script Encoder

ASP Code Breaker's Script Encoder is an unique content management software that offers custom encoding and decoding solutions for online...



C2GERead provides methods and properties to extract recipients and decode attachments encoded with UUENCODED, Quoted Printable and Base64. C2GERead...


e-Business Applet 4.XI

e-Business Applet within just a single html page it can display the list of numerous products from a text data file. The data of the product is...


Freeside 1.4.2000

,- The main features of Freeside include web-based interface (including most of the configuration), Tax rates are customizable by state and...


HttpUtility Class

This is a tutorial which guides you in knowing about how to encode and decode the URL using the urlencode and urldecode methods of the HttpUtility...


Javascript and Html Source Encoding

Javascript and Html Source Encoding offers you the function to protect your HTML source or other page content by effective encoding. A password is...


JPedal 3.I

Java PDF Extraction Decode Access Library (JPedal) is an open source java library that can extract both the raw text and images from PDF files. It...


MarshallSoft GPS Component for C/C++ 1.II

MarshallSoft GPS Component for C/C++ is Windows compatible. The MarshallSoft GPS Component for C/C++ (MGC4C) is a Win32 DLL that allows any C/C++...


Midori's ActiveX Objects 1.0

Midori's ActiveX Objects is a group of asp objects which provides individual functionalities for performing various task and this task can be...


Mime Decoder 1.5

This class enables you to decode mime email. It can, for example, decode the mime torture test made available by UW.


Mime Decoding class

Mime Decoding class is a php script which decodes the mime torture test made available by UW.Installation can be done through PEAR installer.For...