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CV Bank 1.0

CV Bank is a software product for building CV (resume) repository websites Ė the users can upload or create their CVs online and the recruiters can...

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CreatiBe - Responsive HTML Template

CreatiBe itís smashing responsive template with minimalistic design. Itís the perfect option that will help you in creation a personal website. It...

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ATN Resume Finder

Responsive php script to create online resume database and CV search websites

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MyCvtheque 1.2.2008

MyCvtheque is a simple web service based on php. With the help of MyCvtheque, users can dedicate it to jobs search. This service contains four...


Parodia Internet Recruitment System 4.V

Parodia is a recruitment system that enables you to publish jobs on the internet. It is designed for job boards, recruitment agencies and corporate...


PHP Job Listings Board 1.0

Candidates can register, upload their CV, build a CV easily, apply for jobs, track job applications and search jobs. Employers can post jobs,...


PHP Job Listings Site

Admin area/candidate area/employer area; customizable appearance; candidates submit CV or build one through site; job listings search engine;...


Pre ASP Job Board 2.0

Pre ASP Job Board is most enhanced job boards for internet job seekers and providers. Easily customizable and fully featured job board written in...


Scriptown Feedback Form 2.0

This feedback form can attach a CV, photos, or other files to the message.


WordHTML(Convert Word to HTML) 1.0

WordHTML CV is an open source software that mass converts MS word documents into HTML files.

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Web-CV 0.2

This -very light- project is designed to help users to easily create their Curriculum Vitae (CV) on a web page.

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NativeViewer 1.0

NativeViewer is a Visual Studio extension for visualization of OpenCV images stored in the cv::Mat class.


TBmToolBar 1.0

Toolbar component. All you have to do is only create buttons in your application, then user can customize his toolbar with drag'n'drop. The user...

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iCDInfo 1.0

There is no need to check every CD for a file or files when you have iceCDInfo 1.0. iceCDInfo 1.0 is a CD organizer which scans your Data CD or...

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DBNavigator horizontal or vertical with buttons like '97

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DtPack 4.6

Set of Date components: DateTime field with drop down calendar like '97. tCalendar97, tDbCalendar97, tDateEdit97, tDbDateEdit97, tDateFromTo97 and...

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BmAssist 2.01

A wonderful component for all of your programs. With it you have an assistant, like MsOffice 97. You can use several companions, only by changing a...

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BMDelay 1.0

Implementation of Borland Pascal Delay function, encapsulated in a component. During this delay, all system messages are performed.

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Enhaced TabSet & TabbedNotebook like Win95, but you can place them to Top, Left, Right or Bottom. Now Multi-Line is

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Dev Tools 1.1

This software is a set of small tools very usefull for everybody, but especially for programmers. Grep, Touch, DFMTXT, DB Export, ICOBMP, WinMatch.

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