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Compress Mltiple CSS Files

Usually when you're using different CSS files on your site, they might take a quite long to be loaded. Using this PHP code, you can compress them...

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Adding Variables To Style Sheets

The author defines about the HTTP Handler at first. This gives the response for the user's request about the source just by getting the extension....


Border styling

This is an article and a tutorial that teaches the users how to build tables and border styles for them. This article provide info to the users...


CMS: CMS Made Simple 0.4

This PHP CMS is simple and will help you to authorize the contents of your static web pages from a web browser. This program is template driven and...


Component Styler 1.0.0

The Component Styler is an extension designed to ease the process of creating and managing styles used for customizing the look of various stylable...


CSSEditor 1.0

CSSEditor is an XML based product that manages CSS files while maintaining amaster list of shared CSS styles for use within all or some of the CSS...


Different CSS depending on Operating System

This script allows you to conditionally apply two different style sheets to your page depending on whether the user's Operating System is Mac or PC...


Easy Discussion Web Control 2.0

This is a ready to use discussion board to use on your websites and is alos totally customizable. Users can have a look at the demo for a complete...


File Thingie 1.3

This web-based file manager can create, upload, rename, move and delete files and directories. It will show source of PHP and HTML files, and edit...


iBULC - Internet Batch Up-Load Component 1.II

Internet Batch Up-Load Component is a php based batch file upload programme that easily works with any server platform. This script uploads...


J.A.G. (Just Another Guestbook) I.14

This is a php software and a simple guestbook in which you are provided with a nice design and a layout. Features like smilies, bad word filter,...


NewsDaemon 0.40

NewsDaemon is designed to implement a variety of facilities to simplify the works done with news and content management. Using this script users...


PHP Site Scheme Script 1.0

PHP Site Scheme Script is a simple php based script that facilitates users to switch between site schemes that is preloaded on your website. This...


Power Banner ASP 5.1.

Power Banner ASP is a powerful open source ad management application written in ASP. It includes feature like Support for Flash, Image, and Text...


TBmnetCMS 1.0

This is a program that allows administrators to perform content management for their website updation purpose. This program allows users to...


Car Sale Manager 1.0

Car Sale Manager is a professionally developed auto classified system; super easy and user-friendly interface! A perfect solution for webmasters...

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Css Combiner 0.8.1

This is a commandline, Java base, utility to combine many css files linked via the @import declaration into one in order to minimize the number of...

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AirObfuscator 1.0

A library which can obfuscate JS and CSS files.


YUIcompressMac 1.0

A Mac OS X Automator wrapper which creates a drag and drop Mac application to minify js and css files using YUIcompressDrop js and/or css files on...


style engine 1.0

The style engine is a php class which generates css files.

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