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Addon for phpPowerCards 2.1 1.0

phpPowerCards 2.0 is a powerfull Php based postcard script. It's easy to install and there isn't much scripting experience needed to configure the...


Browser Based HTML Editor 3.00pre2

QWebEditor brings the power of word processor to browsers. It is a browser based HTML editor. Its WYSIWYG feature is perfect for content management...


Code That Tab

Code That Tab is a javascript based tab control program with windows Graphical User Interface specifications. It offers customizable options to...


CSSEditor 1.0

CSSEditor is an XML based product that manages CSS files while maintaining amaster list of shared CSS styles for use within all or some of the CSS...


DataGrid Extensions 2.VI

Let's face it, the Macromedia Flash DataGrid component, as provided by Macromedia, is basically useless. No word-wrapping, no horizontal scrolling,...


Fader Maker 1.I

Fader Maker is a webpage JavaScript, which works in association with HTML and CSS to implement a color change to the scrollbars, background and...


HierMenus 6.0

HierMenus will be a solution for all javscript enabled websites to implement a web based navigation system for easier surfing. Both drop down and...


Link Tooltip with Transition Slideshow

Link Tooltip with Transition Slideshow is a JavaScript code snippet that can be implemented to your webpage to display a link, which shows an HTML...


Mapb menu 0.9

Mapb menu is a multi-platform compatible drop-down dhtml menu system. "You are Here" feature, easy localization of current page. Multiple levels....


Milonic DHTML Menu 5.772

The Milonic DHTML Menu is a very powerful navigational tool for use on websites, intranets and CDs. / Once you've downloaded one of the many sample...


StyleWizard 1.01

This script guides you through the process of creating Cascading Style Sheets for your website, even if you've never written HTML or CSS before. It...


Xin Calendar 2.I

This is an efficient online calendar utility capable of generating static DHTML calendars with scrolling arrows on bottom, foot links, 3-mod combo...

Freeware 0.11

QzMiniHtml is a component that parse html/css syntax and draw them on a bitmap, common syntax like bold, italic, underline, strikeout, color ,...

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AS3 XML Picture Viewer

AS3 XML Picture Viewer, background color, node/picture spacing, and all text/links/pictures easily set through XML and a CSS file.

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Free Colored ScrollBars 2.1

Free Colored ScrollBars is cool and powerful tool that creates CSS Style definitions and JavaScript code for amazing animated scrollbars needed to...

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PD4ML. HTML to PDF converter for Java 3.5.0

PD4ML is a powerful PDF generating tool that uses HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as page layout and content definition format. Written in...

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PD4ML. HTML to PDF converter for .NET 3.2.4

PD4ML is a powerful PDF generating tool that uses HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as page layout and content definition format. 100% managed...

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Easy Infobox Header Images 1.0

Using the css style background-image you can add an image into the background of your infoboxes.


ScroogeXHTML RTF to XHTML converter 3.6

ScroogeXHTML for Delphi(tm) is a component which can convert RTF stored in files, strings or a RichEdit component to XHTML. It is fast, easy to...


NewsKaster 1.0

NewsKaster v1.0 is an easy-to-use and completely customizable vertical news scroller with support for images, special effects, custom backgrounds,...

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