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ProDelphi.NET 4.0

ProDelphi.Net is a tool to measure the runtime of programs written in Delphi for .Net.The principle of source instrumenting, the sophisticated...

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TaskInfo 6.2.0

TaskInfo is Task Manager & System Info application.It shows in real time System Wide info (CPU, Memory, Cache usage. Data rates for Disk, Network,...

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ProDelphi - source code profiler 19.0

ProDelphi gives you the CPU-time consumed by the procedures of your program. The measurement is done on a base of CPU-cycles. It works with a...

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ProKylix source code profiler 3.3

ProKylix gives you the CPU-time consumed by the procedures of your program. The measurement is done on a base of CPU-cycles. It works with a...

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ProKylix source code profiler for Kylix 3.2

Profiler (runtime measurement) for programs developped with Kylix. Granularity 1 CPU cycle, built in viewer, integration into Kylix tools menu......

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Free VeeSee

The main function of Free VeeSee® Hardware Information are viewing the current hardware’s information, such as the detailed information of CPU,...

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Rotate and Sprite MMX ASM functions 1.0

This is module with two very useful graphical functions: rotate and sprite images. They are written on assembler with MMX instructions and...


Acoola Free 1.V

This applet can be used for site navigation as every image supplied to it can be associated with a URL. On clicking the image it takes you to the...


Ad Juggler 3.0

Ad Juggler is a commercial-strength tool that gives you a full range of powerful management capabilities to ensure complete control of advertising...


Athlon XP and Thunderbird Processor Identifier 0.99

The Athlon XP/Thunderbird Processor Identifier is a script written using PHP programming which helps you to convert the unfriendly markings that...


Athlon XP/Thunderbird Processor Identifier 0.99b

This script turns the user unfriendly markings from any Athlon XP ot Athlon Thunderbird based processor to human readable information such as CPU...


Barter Board 1.0

Barter Board is multi-platform compatible. With the Trade / Barter script your registered users will be able to post what they would like to Trade...



Webmasters can utilize this secure component to upload the files from the web browser and this component offers code that allows easy manipulation...


CrazyBeavers SysInfo 1.0

CrazyBeavers SysInfo can be very useful to know various information regarding the server it is installed on. Webmasters can use this tool to know...


ElegantJBeans - Indicator and Gauges

ElegantJBeans - Indicator and Gauges is a powerful application that can be used for any java projects. You can track and monitor each and every...


Ezymlm Replicator Downline Builder

Give away a self replicating website without consuming lots of CPU resources. It does not recreate any file or images for new members. All members...



The GreenTea is a total resource aggregation and resource sharing platform that enables an organization to meet their heavy-duty computing needs....


hotlink protection

I wrote these functions to keep my GD generated images from being hotlinked. This was based on the idea that both the php script calling the image,...


How To Use IsClientConnected to Check If Browser Is Connected

This is a tutorial that can be used by the users for verifying the browser connection to save the CPU cycles. This tutorial explains that, the...



htMailer is a mailing list script that is provided with email regulators to maintain low CPU usage. This software is very fast in its action and...