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Course And Test System

Food ordering and delivery system

Nectareon provides online food ordering and delivery system to the any restaurant or delivery sectors.

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abarcar's combined Shop and Quote System 5.1.2004

abarcar's combined Shop and Quote System is a PHP based shopping cart system with photo equipment and furniture kit. Using this script you can...


IP Address Filtering and Restriction System

IP Address Filtering and Restriction System is an ASP article in which author gives enhanced details for the users to construct an IP filter in...


Markit's News and Commenting System 1.IV

Markit's News and commenting system is a php based script that makes easy accessible news management on your website. Allows the readers to access...


Poll and Survey System 3.0

Poll and Survey System can be used by the webmasters in conducting surveys through their websites. Users can alter the number of answers of the...


Video Annotation and Reference System 1.0

The Video Annotation and Reference System (VARS) is a software interface and database system that provides tools for describing, cataloging,...

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Automated Scheduler and Alert System 1.0

The Automated Scheduler and Alert System (ASAS) is used for alerting various events automatically according to the pre-fed data in the database to...


Budget management and accounting system 1.0

MS Access front end for accounting and management system


Unit Command Climate Assessment and Survey System 1.04

Create your own custom surveys. It features unlimited questions, pages and answers, branching logic, and bar graphs of results with custom...


Willow Job Tracking and Management System 1.0

Willow is a job-tracking system designed to help different departments within an organization to better cooperate with each other. Users can submit...



ANY Database employing SQL, any system, any taskTRANSFORM Your SQL between DBMS, different languages and from slow SQL to fast one, transform any...

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CCCP Warranty and Claims System 1.0

A flexible system to manage warranties, claims, and payouts.


JavaWeb Documentation and Testing System rc

Web system in JSF and Hibernate to dynamically import , store in DB , search and display javadoc from source.

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Autohit Test system rc.1.11

Autohit is an XML script system written in java and intended for testing systems, rather than production.

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Kin DataBase and Application System b.1.0

A fast, modular, scalable, adaptable and cheap enterprise back-end for information management.

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LOTS (Leipzig Online Test System) 1.0

LOTS is a web-based, fully integrated E-learning system.

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File Location And Placement System 1.0

FLAPS is another PHP File Management System, but done right!


C Unit Test System 2.3

CUT is a simple, to-the-point unit testing system.

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OOTS - Online Ordering and Tracking System

Administrators can utilize this solution to design an online store easily and simply. This tool allows the shop managers to interact directly with...


Unit Command Climate Assessment and Survey System (UCCASS) 1.IV

UCCASS consists of PHP implemented functions that is more useful for webmasters to get estimable feedback from their users to develop their site...