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"Cool" ASP.NET Features: Code Behind

"Cool" ASP.NET Features: Code Behind is an article in which author deals with methodology of seperating the code and business logic, which is...


1 Cool Button Tool - Java 5.0

Spice up your web-site with animated buttons, menus, navigation schemes and other interactive Java applets using this easy-to-use tool - you can...


1 Cool Flash Banner Tool 1.0

1 Cool Flash Banner Tool is the easiest way to add Flash animation to your web site. There's heaps of pre-built effects to use, or you can...


Cool Effects in Flash

In this Tutorial you'll learn how to create simple and cool effects in Flash. This includes fade-in and fade-out, zooming, advanced alpha tweening,...


cool fade

With this script you can assign a fading effect to a specified area. cool fade is a JavaScript which can be specified with the dimensions like the...


Cool Web Site Builder

Now the web administrators can learn the process of creating their own website using this cool web site builder. Through this cool web site...


OutlookBar by Cool Focus 1.00

OutlookBar by Cool Focus is an animated menu that is available in two levels. This bar of this menu is designed to display any number of buttons...


Platinum Player - A Cool CDPlayer with Skin Support v2.1

Platinum Player - A Cool CDPlayer with Skin Support is a Windows compatible cool CDPlayer with Skin Support. It's small and attractive. It was...


QandA by Cool Focus 1.00

QandA by Cool Focus is a compact news display applet. It displays headings and the text is accessed by clicking on the respective heading. IT...


SuperTree by Cool Focus

Cool Focus's SuperTree is a powerfully animated menu providing extensive links and nested levels to the website. To display the newly revealed...


TabPanel by Cool Focus 1.00

TabPanel by Cool Focus displays horizontally arranged tabs a single row above the main panel. Hidden tabs are indicated trough automatically...


SCP Cool Notes 4.1

Cool Notes is a program that anyone can use. Cool Notes sits conveniently in your system tray if you minimize it. You can store any text based...

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Cool PSetting 3.0f

Cool PSetting is the final word in application state management. With little or no coding, you can give your application the features that end...

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Mad's Cool MP3 - Suite 1.0

Mad's Cool MP3 - Suite is an all-in-one-tool to encode Wav-Files to MP3-Files easily. For encoding it uses the Freeware-Tool `Blade's MP3 Encoder`...

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Cool Color Picker 1.10

Cool Color Picker -- Cool Color Picker help you pick color anywhere on the screen.What is Cool Color Picker ?Cool Color Picker is a tool to pick...

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Cool IE - Make IE Cool 1.0

How to be Cool and outstanding while surfing. Cool IE makes it for you. Requiring no knowledge to Windows Registry, you can change IE's apperance...

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Cool Preloader

Cool Preloader Included files: - Preview Flash8 FLA file, SWF , - Main Flash8 FLA file, SWF , - Help file

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Kokomo - The Cool Code Model 1.0

Kokomo is the "Cool Code Model".


Cool image scroller

Cool image scroller - Unlimited number of images,Tweened mouse interactivity, Change the tween type and more features

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"Cool" ASP.NET 4: System.Net

This tutorial explains you how easy you could get connected with any specific server at your own choice. This would connect you to a public time...