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Converters For C To Java Source Code

RonFX-2009-Beans 1

Consist of small but usable Java source code or libraries for rookies or intermediate Java developers.

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Shift-Right Open Repository 1.0

C/C++/Java source code library and Build Environment.

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Java Coding Standard Checker (JCSC) 0.98.1

JCSC is a highly configurable checking tool for your Java source code.

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bocca 1.0

bocca is a text-based, scriptable, interactive development environment for SIDL/Babel-based development of mixed language C/C++/Fortran/Java/Python...


The Bard 1.0

The Bard is a translator compiler for the Shakespeare Programming Language that emits Java source code.


jNerd's XML2Java rc

XML2Java is a DTD driven Java source code generator for XML data binding.

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Highlight Code Converter 3.13

Highlight is a source code to formatted text converter.

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Apmagicmenu Applet 3.XII

Apmagicmenu Applet is a multi-platform compatible eye-catching applet allowing to develop menus with a magic floating background. You can create...


apPuplseMenu IV.85

apPuplseMenu is multi-platform compatible. apPuplseMenu allows you to create great looking menus with mouseover pulse effect. apPuplseMenu provides...


Apycom Magic Menu IV.49

apMagicMenu is a really eye-catching applet allowing to develop menus with a magic floating background. You can create snow, star, rain, bubble...


Apycom Popup Menu 3.XII

apPopupMenu l unique cross-browser drop-down menu that allows the submenus to be displayed on top (across) any frame, form, flash; apPopupMenu can...


Codelock 1.5

A PHP/HTML page encryptor. Encrypt full PHP pages for safe distribution. Create an unlock key for password protection and specify an expiry date...


Developing with . NET Delegates

This tutorial is helpful for the programmers which instructs them about delegates in .NET. From this tutorial the user can get solution for the...


dhtmlxTree - Full Featured JavaScript Tree 1.I

dhtmlxTree is a JavaScript navigation component that helps to create a tree-based navigation system and put large amount of data in hierarchical...


Exploring Winforms

This article explains the method of creating an addressbook which uses a backend database to save the addresses in it. The author uses to store the...


FreeMarker 2.1.2005

FreeMarker is a "template engine"; a generic tool to generate text output (anything from HTML to autogenerated source code) based on templates.


Gate to Delegates in VB.NET

This article is helpful for the programmers and for the VB.NET developers which helps them to know more about the features of delegate class in...


How to call a procedure defined in a webpage from a usercontrol

This article teaches about how to access a procedure which has been defined in a web pages with the help of user control. To call a procedure from...


Ittoolbox Java Code Exchange

ITtoolbox Code Exchange is a free service of ITtoolbox that allows you to publish your own source code for other IT professionals to download and...


pENC Perl Source Code Encryption System

pENC is a script which offers protection for your Perl based source code files. Every time a file is encrypted, the script generates a license file...