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Convert Jpeg To Word Online

HTMLtoRTF Converter Pro 3.0.0

Convert HTML to Word fast and easily with our tool! The HTMLtoRTF Converter Pro helps you to convert: HTML to DOC, HTML to RTF and text ... or HTML files to Text. Support conversion of multiple HTML to Word files at once ... 3 mode of converting. Average speed of converting is 10 files ... supports XHTML, HTML to DOC converting with CSS styles ... RTF, Text. HTML To Word - Create a Word document from an ... without having MS Word.

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PDF Focus .Net

... C# .Net component to convert PDF to Word. It can work ... files. Component supports converting with: - font face ... methods of PDF to Word (RTF) converting: - ConvertString(); - ConvertFile(); - ConvertStringToFile(); - ConvertFileToString(). The component created ...

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PDF Focus .Net

... saving solution for converting your PDF documents to Microsoft Word Rich Text format ... problem of having to re-type the ... text and images to re-use for other purposes or to make changes. You can convert PDF to JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG ... dependant on Microsoft Word or any Adobe product to perform its conversion ... license is available too. Developers can easily ... developers which enable to any .Net app: - Convert PDF to Word (RTF). - Extract Text ... PDF. - Rasterize PDF to Images: Jpeg, PNG, Multipage TIFF ... documents. - Directly writes Word (RTF), Text, Jpeg, Png, Bmp, TIFF ... Component's main functions: - Convert PDF to Word (RTF). - Extract Text from PDF. - Convert PDF to Multipage-TIFF, Multipage-TIFF-CCITT4. - Convert PDF to Images (jpeg, bmp, png, tiff). - Rasterize PDF to System.Drawing.Bitmap ...

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ExtImage 1.3

Convert JPEG to BMP, BMP to JPEG, rotation and flip (BMP, JPEG), load and save JPEG DB Image.

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PDF Focus .Net 4.0.1

PDF Focus .Net convert PDF to Word RTF, DOC, Text documents and PDF to HTML, Excel and ... any PDF document. To keep high-level ... two free PDF to Word online conversion service: http ... The library is totally written in managed ... Android You can convert PDF to JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG ... dependant on Microsoft Word or any Adobe product to perform its conversion ... license is available too. Developers can easily ... developers which enable to any .Net app: Rasterize PDF to Images: Jpeg, PNG, Multipage TIFF ... documents Directly writes Word RTF, DOC, Text, Jpeg, Png, Bmp, TIFF ... be installed. - Free online support is provided ... Users receive tips to help them work ...

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Elerium HTML to Word .NET 1.7

Elerium HTML to Word .NET is a ... NET/ASP.NET developers to convert various sources of HTML to Word documents (DOC, DOCX ... projects. Elerium HTML to Word .NET allows to convert HTML with full ... Supported output formats: Word 97-2003, Word 2007 and above ... start. Elerium HTML to Word .NET is an ... Generate and save Word documents (Word 97-2003, Word 2007+). - Full support ...

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Excel to PDF .Net

Excel to PDF .Net, created ... that enables developers to embed XLS to PDF, Word, RTF, DOC conversion ... other software installed to export XLS documents to PDF. Excel to PDF .Net features: * Allows you to export XLS workbooks and spreadsheets to PDF in memory * Allows you to export XLS workbooks and spreadsheets to Word, RTF, DOC * ... automation * Easy to integrate in any ... be used: * To create Windows Forms ... and Mac, thanks to Mono platform

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Active TTS Component 4.0.2012.802

... you ever want to convert text to audio? Active TTS ... want. It can convert text to mp3, text to wma or text to wav on the ... of art text to speech (TTS) system. It converts text to mp3 or text to wma directly without ... a simple way to use. Active TTS is specially designed to convert text to audio file. Active TTS can convert MP3 to swf (Macromedia flash ... sites easily Directly convert text to wav, text to mp3, text to wma, text to ogg, text to vox, text to au and text to aiff format on ... temporary files created. Convert text to speech at high ... when speaking or converting text Support SAPI4 ... SAPI5 compliant voices. Convert mp3 to Macromedia flash format, so you can convert text to swf and add mp3 stream speech to web site in realtime SupportbBatch text to audio conversion Support ... Provide TTS Service tool to make text to speech conversion in ... Voices are important to a text-to-speech software. There ...

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ABC Amber CHM Converter 6.25

... ABC Amber CHM Converter is a batch ... ebooks, it will convert them to any document format ... hyperlinks. In other words, you can produce ... features of conversion to PDF using ABC Amber CHM Converter program include 40/128 ... chm2web and chm2hlp tool. As all "ABC ... Acrobat doesn't need to be installed. No doubt this powerful tool helps you save ...

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PDF Duo .Net 2.0

... Net is a converting component for Microsoft ... C# etc.) users to enable conversion of ... HTML, HTMLX documents to PDF. The main ... methods and properties to enable multi-purpose ... easily invoke the converting component in their ... of ASP.NET. To deploy the PDF ... Duo .Net component to successfully convert HTML to PDF. Main functions allow to convert HTML represented as ... Net component skillfully converts: - tables and embedded ... Conversion directions: HTML to PDF, XHTML to PDF, TXT to PDF. - Strict copying ... HTML file formatting to PDF file in ... will be correct converted to PDF. - PDF compression to further reduce PDF ... web applications. - Allows to convert either from HTML ... file in order to convert to PDF. - Does not ...

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Spices.Net Decompiler

... from crashes and convert executables to C#, Vb.Net ...

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Elerium HTML to PDF .NET 2.5

Elerium HTML to PDF .NET is ... component is able to convert HTML to PDF as a ... stream. Elerium HTML to PDF .NET offers ... higher. Elerium HTML to PDF .NET component ... of conversion: HTML to PDF, ASP.NET to PDF, URL to PDF, TXT to PDF. - HTML file ... will be correctly converted to PDF. - PDF compression to reduce PDF document sizes. - Converts a Web Site URL and HTML to PDF. - Methods allow to convert to/from: File, Url, Stream ...

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Code4Design CMS 2.0

... a content management tool that helps web designers to make a site ... can control their online business. It provides ... which is used to create and edit ... which are similar to word processor. Feature include ...



... and video files to your gallery via ... and video files to exhibitions / (only exhibitions are visible to visitors, so you ... gallery ? easy to modify, delete and ... databases. / - Easy to use search for ... codes. / - Easy to use online WYSIWYG editor. (Requires ... like in Microsoft Word editor. / - Copy ... from your Microsoft Word document and paste it to page editor. / - Easy to upload and place ... links and tables to the pages. / ...


Flash SWF Decompiler 2.0

... any Flash movie, convert it to FLA or save ... sounds and shapes to ActionScripts - in other formats (as JPEG, MP3, WAV etc). Convert SWF to FLA and restore ...


Franciscocharrua's Photo Gallery

... program helping you to generate online galleries with thumbnails. This program supports JPEG image formats and ... all your images online for the gallery ... program is easy to use and to customize.


Indexbooster - Advanced SEO 2.V

Indexbooster brings content to a new perspective ... practically guarantees you top search engine placement ... included) on how to convert you new huge traffic to easy online profit. It all comes down to this: Indexbooster is ... and it gets Top Search Engine Placements and tons of relevant traffic ...


Internet Payment Invoicing System 1.I

... and connects directly to Worldpay to enable easy online payment. We are also able to supply a version ... way, as a Word Document, or in ... containing a link to pay online. The entire payment ... set up an online payment, and an ... is created similar to the sample one ... set up an online payment directly from ...


PHP highlighter

... Just pass the words to highlight, the path ... and the color to highlight with. The ... it manages not to perform replacements inside ... also include the word to highlight. No replacement ... It is easy to customize and easy to understand. Online preview is available ...



... estate agencies wanting to put together a website. A ... branches or locations) to edit property details ... each property, and convert them into virtual tours at the click ... a friendly, easy to navigate website. They ... the best way to get online!!