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Convert Jpeg To Flash Or Avi In C Net

Flash SWF Decompiler 2.0

Decompile any Flash movie, convert it to FLA or save SWF resources - from sounds and shapes to ActionScripts - in other formats (as JPEG, MP3, WAV...


ASP.NET Barcode Professional by Neodynamic 2.0

Barcode Professional can generate the most popular Linear and 2D Barcode Symbologies. At design-time Barcode Professional Designer shows the...


conaito PPT2Flash SDK 1.3

Powerful and rapid PowerPoint to Flash converting solution for your applications and Websites

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DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL 1.0.0

DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL allows two-way conversion from SQLite to MySQL or from MySQL to SQLite. You can convert to MySQL Dump and to PHP...

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EZ Flash 5: Short Projects and Creative Ideas Using Macromedia Flash

If you are new to Flash, or an experienced Flash user, you will find this book to be exciting, informative, and offers a wealth of creative ideas...


Using Genetic Algorithms to Design Logic Circuits in C#

Using Genetic Algorithms to Design Logic Circuits in C# is a tutorial which explains about how generic alogirthms can be use to design various...


Video to Flash Console 1.1

Video to Flash Console is a command linel tool for converting your digital videos to SWF or FLV in a batch script or command line konsole mode.You...

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cppAIDware 1.0

This framework contains core classes to create Auto-ID drivers and/or middlewares in C++.


Chatbot Tutorial 1.0

This is a basic introduction to how to implement a chatbot in c++ or other programming languages


Karamasoft UltimateEditor 2.3

UltimateEditor is a richtextbox server control to edit HTML content in ASP.NET.

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ASP.NET Email Using VB

ASP.NET Email could be created using VB. This is about the article in which the author clearly explains how to create an email in ASP.NET using VB....


ASP.NET Programming Languages Primer

ASP.NET Programming Languages Primer is a tutorial which explains you how to create web applications in ASP.NET using three languages such as C#,...


C# Error Handling

As errors are the most common in web application, the error handling is also very important task for the webmasters. The user should understand the...


C# Forums

You can get more benefits from this online discussion forum to increase your knowledge in C# software. Members can login at any time and can send...


C#@Whiz 1.0

C#@Whiz is an application to test your knowledge in C#. This is a text engine and also a question bank of 150 questions in C#. Supports a...


CGI.h 1.10

This header file allows you to create CGI objects in C++ in much the same way that gives you this ability in Perl. Includes many access...


DateDiff() Function

DateDiff() Function is a tutorial which helps the users to find out how much time that has passed inbetween the specified dates on their websites....


Email Validator Module .NET 1.0

EVM is an ASP.NET source code module which is ideally integrated with signup, registration & membership systems to provide email address...


Hello World - Console Application

Hello World - Console Application is a simple tutorial which helps you to show the output "Hello World" on the screen using C# language. You can...


Here is a basic Queue implementation in C#

Here is a basic Queue implementation in C# is a tutorial in which the author discusses about the data structure called queue in C#. Queue manages...