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Convert A Text File To Excel File Using

Read from and Write to a Text File by Using Visual Basic .NET

This is an useful .NET article through which you can know about how to read from and write to a text file in Visual Basic.NET. You can do this by...


How to manipulate a text file database

The main objective of this online article is to teach the beginners how to build and manipulate a text file database. Apart from that the author...


How To Work with a Text File in an ASP Page

This is a simple article relating on the data storing and retrieving to and fro, on your web server. The author has provided some basic...


Load Variables from a Text File and Edit the Values with Perl

The purpose of this tutorial is to not only load variables from a text file into your Flash movie, but also be able to edit and update those...


Reading a text file in ASP

Reading a text file in ASP is an online tutorial briefing on the FileSystemObject of ASP in managing files and folders. The author of this article...


Open and Read content from a text file

Open and Read content from a text file is a simple ASP article where you will learn the procedures involved in file management. You can learn how...


Reading From a Text File

Reading From a Text File is an useful article where the author has demonstrated the usage of fileSystemObject function of ASP in reading ASP files....


Multiple pages of data from a text file

This is a tutorial where users can store their data in the text file. This tutorial defines a default page and decides how much data should be...


Replace one string to another in a text file

In this ASP tutorial, each step required to execute the text replacement process is demonstrated with detailed description and from the given...


Manipulating a XML file using DHTML

In this tutorial, we look at using DHTML to retrieve and display a XML file. This is useful when you need a client side method of including XML...


Converting a Text Input to a Select with JavaScript

Sometimes you need the page dynamically changes a texbox with a dropdown box. On the example below we show you how to perform this work. The first...

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Contents of Text File to Web

This is a tutorial that can be used by the users to learn about how to stream contents into the browser from a text file. In this tutorial the...


Form Responses to Text File

Form Responses to Text File script writes down the form response in a text file. Users are able to read all the information in a single page. This...


Selecting a Random File from a Directory and Outputting its Contents

By reading this online ASP article, you will learn how to randomly output the content of a text file which exists in system directories. This...


Simple Text-File Login 1.0.0.

Simple Text-File Login is a simple user authentication program built with PHP. This program is ideal for websites with limited number of customers...


Text File Statistics 1.0

A command line utility to display statistics about a text file consisting of lines of data.

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TextWedge Text File Splitter 02.1

TextWedge is a text-file splitter with an editor interface, or a text editor with a file splitting interface.

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SysTools Notes to Excel 3.0

Export Lotus Notes Address Book to Excel file using SysTools Notes to Excel converter tool. Notes to Excel is the best selling notes contacts to...

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Flash & PHP: A Text Search

In this tutorial the author discusses about how to integrate PHP and flash to build a search engine which can search through a text file and give...


Json to Excel 1.0

Java library that easily converts a Json array to Excel or CSV

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