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Convert A Text File To Excel

BookViewer 3.I

This is fun, and a great way to add some style to documents you need to place on the web.Upload a text file to the Internet and let users view it...


digi-news 1.1

digi-news allows you to easily add, edit, and delete news. It uses a text file to store news data and is XHTML 1.0 compatible.


Free N Share

This is just a simple perl script that randomly print out a sentence from a text file to be displayed.


Jevonweb Guestbook ?

Jevonweb Guestbook is multi-platform compatible. Simple guestbook that uses a text file to store messages. Set up in 3 easy steps and includes...


Skgb (sk Guestbook) 1.5.2000

Skgb (sk Guestbook) is a multi-platform compatible ASP guestbook that uses a text file to store posts. It doesn't have heaps of features like some...


QuickParser 1.0

Parse a text file to Grammar Tree


BBTag Syntax Highlighter 1.0

The cross-platform console program that inserts BBTags to a text file to highlight its syntax.


Behind Closed Doors 1.0

In the Behind Closed Doors application, the user will be prompted to select a text file to encrypt.


SysTools Notes to Excel 3.0

Export Lotus Notes Address Book to Excel file using SysTools Notes to Excel converter tool. Notes to Excel is the best selling notes contacts to...

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Word To HTML Converter Tool 3.35

Word to HTML Converter Tool is a complete resolution to convert unlimited Word file to HTML format allows conversion with multi-processing speed...

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Auto Gallery 3.0.0

The Auto Gallery is a script which allows you to import many galleries from a text file. With this script, you will be able to choose the number of...


Staff Online 1.0

A webbased contacts database to keep information about employees, business partners, clients or friends and family. Uses a MS Excel-ready text file...


Data Exchange Wizard 3.6.0

Data Exchange Wizard can import data from a text file, Excel spreadsheets, or MS Access databases into any database, including Oracle, MS SQL...

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DataMonkey data import/export utility 1.0

Data monkey was to be a powerful windows data translation and conversion application to convert complex text file formats, database data, data from...

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1love Search & Replace 1.I

1love Search & Replace is a very simple PHP script from to search and replace any text or code, case sensitive or insensitively anywhere...



1touchASP contains text manipulation utilities that enhance plain text in a database or a text file on the fly. Authors can create files using...


Advanced Scrolling Text 3.I

This applet is designed to read a text file and display the contents within your web page in scrolling format. There are many advanced features...


Advertisement Script

ASP based Banner Rotation Software uses FileSystemObject to create a text file and store advertisements in it. You dont have to use any databases...


allibsus mail pro php 2.0

A secure form processor that can process multiple single or multi-page web forms with unlimited fields. It can output form data in any order with...


Applet Newsflash Composer 1.0

Applet Newsflash Composer is java applet that can be integrated into your web pages to display news or any messages in the form of an interactive...