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Contacts Simple Editor Samsung

Simple Editor With Interpreter 0.9

Simple programmer's editor with built-in C++ and Python interpreter console for teaching.

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Mateusz's Saucy Editor 11

Mateusz's Saucy Editor (MSEDIT) is a simple editor working in the DOS environment.

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GTK DBF Editor 1.0.4

A simple editor for dbf files.

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An easy-to-use editor for LaTeX source 1.0

MeWa is a neat and simple editor for LaTeX source files for Windows.


PHP Maintenance Editor 0.1.alpha

This simple editor was written for own purposes to debug and perform maintenance for different websites through the web browser.

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Petri Nets Editor 1.0

Simple editor and analyzer of Petri nets.


mindway rc

Mindway is now a powful platform of browser,programed calcuating&extracting tool,simple editor.

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ReText 4.0.0

ReText is a simple editor that reads your text with MarkDown or HTML markup and saves it as plain text, HTML or PDF.

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GPXEdit 1.0

Simple editor for GPX files written in GTK, which can add, remove or edit waypoints.


PlantUML QEditor 1.0

A simple editor for PlantUML.


Python Source Tree editor 1.0

Library for parsing and editing python source code in form of tree.


qmwedit 0.5.beta4

QMWEdit stands for Qt Multi Window Editor.

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Protoeditor debugger frontend 0.1beta

Protoeditor is a small KDE text editor developed for debugging scripts interactively.

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Visual C++ Compiler Extension 1.0

Allows you to compile/link code from within Visual Studio using a toolchain of your choice (for example, GCC).


The Simple TeX Editor 1.0

The Simple TeX Editor combines the ease of use of a very slim and simple texteditor with the advantages of an Integrated Development Environment (i.


Very Simple Text Editor 1.0

The very simple text editor is, how the name says a very simple text editor.


IMA2 - Simple command-line editor. 2

IMA2 Simple command-line editor of binary files (images, object filers, byte code, etc).

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Tomcat's simple WebXml editor 1.12

It is simple form-based editor for Tomcat's web.

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NeonEdit Simple Page Editor 2.4

A simple, tag-based CMS. Load the included files to your server, change the paths and place beginning and ending tags around editable content.


Simple to use but powerful XML Editor 1.0

The purpose of this project is to improve an existing editor that I created.

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