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Adrock SaveGrid 1.00

The TAdrockSaveGrid Control allows you to save the user view of a DBgrid. The standard Delphi DBGrid component allows the end user to resize the...

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Adrock Bitmap Property Editor

The TAdrockBitmapPropertyEditor Expert provides easy access to setting TBitmap properties, such as Glyphs. With this property editor it is very...

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Adrock AlarmList component

The TAdrockAlarmList Component allows you to set an unlimited number of alarms each of which can have a very flexible format. The format can...

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Adrock Message Dialog component

The TAdrockMessageDialog routines provide similar function to the standard Delphi routines ShowMessage and MessageDlg, but these routines provide a...

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Think Computer Lampshade

Think Computer Lampshade is a php based programming environment to develop web based software programs. It has easy to use interface and has...


Webdev Live Support 1.0

Webdev Live Support is a Unix compatible real-time messaging software that allows your sales people to chat directly with customers while they are...


Cute Live Support for ASP.NET 3.1

Cute live support is a real-time online chat support based on AJAX technology. This cost effective tool can help you sell your product online and...

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Support Center by QualityUnit 1.7.1

Web based help desk software focused on user. Free version available. SupportCenter supports queues, autoresponder, ticketing, knowledgebase,...

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Computer Activity Monitoring 8.04.01

Easy to use like Surveillance Camera software to Monitor Activities of anyone's Computer Remotely. Distinguished features of Online and Offline...

4.6 MB Javascript Live Chat Support from your IM's brings live chat support to everyone by connecting your webpage and your chat client. Messages from your website's visitors are received as...

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Omnistar Live Customer Support Software Solution 7.2

Live chat and help desk software to handle all of your site's customer support from one place

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A Ticket Support Script 1.1

Ticket Support Script is an online PHP / MySQL based script used to process your clients’ requests. With 3 simple steps you will have Ticket...

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VNCViewer Library for .NET with repeater support 1.0

VNCViewer Library for .NET with repeater support. Win Mobile and Desktop support.

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Stivasoft Ticket Support System 3.0

Compatible with all browsers and very easy to set up help desk software. Use the Stivasoft's ticket support system to automate customer support and...

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Support Ticket Search 1.0

Basically I needed a way to quikly find details of a support ticket that was faster than manually scrolling through all the ticket items page by page.


Live Support 1.2e 1.0

Live Support free solution to offer a customer the ability for Live Support


Inout Support Desk Manager Standard

Inout Support Desk Manager is a powerful, feature rich, easy to use customer support script that works on PHP + MySQL. It helps you to handle your...

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A Live Chat Support and Helpdesk Software 5.II

Omnistar Live is a dynamic live chat and customer support management solution. You may chat with your site visitors, log support issues in a...


A1 Support 1.0.0

Full featured customer support system. Assigns tickets, keeps discusson threads and is fully searchable. Also supports image uploading and IP...


Absolute Live Support 1.0

The Complete, and feature-packed software solution for increasing your sales, providing technical assistance and increasing your customers...