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Comprehensive Spanish Dictionary By Vox For Mac

javax.usb for Mac OS X 1.0

This project is an effort to implement the necesssary libraries to permit the Open Source javax.


HD Slideshow Maker for Mac 1.20

Create HD slideshow from photos and music and play on HDTV to share with friends.

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LineSort for Mac OS X 515

LineSort is a plug-in tool that adds advanced sorting capabilities to BBEdit, the Macintosh text editor from Bare Bones Software.

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PiXasso 0.3

PiXasso is an easy-to-use application (inspired by LateXiT for Mac OSX) which typesets snippets of LaTeX code and creates pictures exportable in...

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Onde ClipBuddy 1.06

Onde ClipBuddy is the original multi-function clipboard manager and editing software for Mac, which saves any type of data copied to clipboard...

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Latvian Lingucomponents for OpenOffice 0.9.4

The aim of the project is to develop platform independent lingucomponents (at the first - spellchecker, possible - hyphenation dictionary, grammar...

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WuW - WebWriter canidate for Coranto 1.0

This addon is being developed by SVM for a CMS called Coranto at http://coranto.

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Picture Dictionary 0.0.3

A learner may use Picture Dictionary to search for pictures according to criteria including location, tags, label and licenses, also allowing a...

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WardTrak for Nurses 1.0

Patient management software designed by nurses for nurses, runs on Palm OS 3.

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Mac and iPhone GeoCaching Kit (MAIGCK) 1.0

Mac and iPhone GeoCaching Kit or MAIGCK for short (pronounced like the word magic) is a utility for Mac users to import/export and organize their...


Mac TeX Toolbox 201

The Mac TeX Toolbox provides an umbrella for TeX related development for Mac OS X: discussions, pointers to libraries and other support for open...

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Gecko Metadata for Documentalist 1.0

Gecko is an editor of metadata designed by and for documentary makers and librarians.


Contract for Java 5.090

Contract4J is a build and runtime tool that supports "Design by Contract" for Java 5.

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Platform Page

Platform Page is a JavaScript, which can cater to any platform of the visitor. The script can detect the platform of the visitor and if the user is...



r.a.d.spell is a multilingual spell checking program that can be used to implement spell checking functionality on ASP.NET websites. Users are...


verveJEdit - Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor 2.I

VerveJEdit is an online what-you-see-is-what-you-get WYSIWYG HTML editor written as a client-side java applet. It is ideal for inclusion in custom...


Web Templates Management Version 1.3 I.30

Web Templates management System allows you to start your own Web design business in no time by providing you with an impressive list of features....


ProteMac NetMine 2.0.14

ProteMac NetMine is a network firewall for Mac OS X which control applications network activity on Your Mac! NetMine firewall can prevent all...

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Dict OS X 1.0

Dictionary client for Mac OS X (look at www.


generateIt 1.0

This is a cocoa objective-C based project for Mac OS X, trying to develop a software to help programmer in early stage of development by creating...

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