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Component Based Development

Buildap Component Based Development tool 0.7.0

Buildap is a Visual Component Based Development framework.

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Component-Based .NET Server Pages

Component-Based .NET Server Pages is a reference guide which discusses the information about ASP.NET. It elaborately describes about the three...


Component Oriented Development Technique 1.0

CORDET stands for Component Oriented Development Techniques.


DotNetNuke XSLT-based Development Module b.02.00.20

XsltDb is a browser-based application development environment for DotNetNuke.

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QTest - component-based Xtreme testing

Very similar to xUnit-style testing (dUnit), but is a component for the IDE.Delphi friendly way to create test cases for test-centric coding (ala,...

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Table Viewer component based on GEF 1.0

Currently GEF ( Graphical Editing Framework ) doesn't have a TableViewer/TableEditor component .


Component Based Distributed Simulation 1.0

Connect distributed simulation model components through CORBA

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DevPlug 1.0

Plug is a component-based development framework, it can help developers quickly build components module, unified interface, the development of...


Scope: a generic HMVC framework rc

Java framework built on a generic implementation of the Hierarchical Model-View-Controller pattern for component based development, independent of...

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AspectCOM (COM AOP) 1.0

AspectCOM intends to bring AOP into component-based development, specifically, Microsoft Component Object Model (COM).


Kompobase 1.0

An open source component lib for java component based development.


MNOgl component collection version 1.0

Component collection to develope OpenGL applications completly component based and full WYSIWYG support already in design

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JSF Component for SIMILE Timeline rc

JSF component based on SIMILE Timeline see http://www.

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Component Framework / GINY Graph Library 1.1

CSBI is a component based framework that allows for inter-component data sharing and access.

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Bloom: rule-based web loom 1.0

Bloom is a great rule-based development framework for websites, web applications and CMSs.

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Prosys Sentrol 3.0

Prosys Sentrol is a Component Based Rapid OPC Application Development Framework. It enables quick and flexible development of state-of-the-art...

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Beginning Components for ASP

Beginning Components for ASP is an intermediate title in the Wrox line of Active Server Pages guides. This volume is intended for developers...


FIPA-OS Agent Toolkit 1.0

FIPA-OS is a component-based toolkit enabling rapid development of FIPA compliant agents.

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Survey coffeeBeans 1.0

Survey coffeeBeans are Swing based JavaBeans for easy component based MVC application development


IusCL 1.0

Delphi7 style, WindowsJava SWT based component libraryandEclipse development plug-inIusCL is an Eclipse plug-in that offers an application...

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