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Compiling Linux Kernel

Python library building Linux kernel 0.2.1

This is a python library that can be used to build Linux kernel, which includes selecting kernel config file, setting kernel config parameters,...

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Little Penguins Rock 1.0

"Little Penguins Rock" aims to be a small, project based tool, for assembling an embedded Linux filesystem and compiling the kernel.


OS Build 1.0

OS Build GNU/Linux derivative targetting the development of Linux kernel and drivers, as well as Free Sofware embedded systems.


XVMSocket 1.0

XVMSocket is a Linux Kernel Module that provides a new socket family for high throughput (40-70 times better than TCP/IP sockets) between...


Seccomp Library 2.0.0

The libseccomp library provides and easy to use, platform independent, interface to the Linux Kernel's syscall filtering mechanism: seccomp.

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USB Virtual Host Controller Interface 1.14

This project consists of a linux kernel module and some user-mode libraries.

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JoystickLib b.0.1.1

JoystickLIb is a Low 'n High level library for joystick for Linux Kernel, only for GNU/Linux.

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kernel-config-eclipse-plugin 1.0

Linux Kernel Configuration plugin for Eclipse (www.


Linux Defconfig Manager 0.6

DefconfigManager is too to generate consistent Linux Kernel defconfig for different architectures and machines.

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Merkey Linux Kernel Debugger (MDB)

Linux Kernel Debugger written by Jeffrey Vernon Merkey.

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Cross Crash

Cross-Crash is an enhancement to the existing Crash utility that analyzes the linux kernel core dumps by Linux Kernel Crash Dump (LKCD).

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Kernel aWare Application Debugger 1.0

A debugging architecture for GNU/Linux Operating Systems using a KGDBpatched linux kernel to debug applications alongside the kernel.


dynamic function call tracing 1.0

Function call tracing in the Linux kernel and userspace applications.


Janux Java directly on the Linux Kernel 1.0

Janux is a project to port the java virtual machine directly on top of the Linux kernel using bypassing the traditional posix enviroment.


Shilosh OS

Provide secure and stable OS, based on highly modified Linux Kernel, own package system, like "BSD Ports".

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The Linux Kernel Translation Project 2007.01.25

The Linux Kernel Translation Project: up-to-date collection of kernel configuration and document translations.

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PyOS 1.0

PyOS has been planned to be an extention of the basic Linux kernel and filesystem.


slab allocator in application layer 0.0.2

In all , I want to implement a slab cached memory management in application layer instead of linux kernel layer.

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gemix 1.0

This project aims to provide a full implementation of the GEM VDI & AES API's on a truly multi-tasking, network aware system (Linux Kernel)...