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DeLoc - Delphi localization compiler 1.11

DeLoc - Delphi localization compiler. Lets You easy to localize your Delphi applications. Easy to use and with user-friendly interface.Minimum...

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WinPascal Compiler 0.001b

WinPascal is a free Pascal compiler that can create x86 asm codes to be assembled and linked into a stand-alone Windows executable. The goal is to...

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ASP Compiler 1.1 beta

This is a program using which programmers and web developers can either generate or regenerate ASP and HTML websites. They can use this program to...


C++ Compiler 3.VIII

C++ Compiler is Windows compatible. Scriptol is a modern, high-level, oriented-object language designed to be universal and easy to learn. It...


Glossword Glossary Compiler 1.6.2002

The Glossword Glossary Compiler is a script written using PHP for the purpose for compiling your own glossaries with terms and descritions specific...


How to Compile C# Programs and Compiler Switches

This tutorial is useful for the novice programmers to know the proper method for compiling c# programms for avoiding the CS0234 compilation error....


Roadsend Compiler for PHP 1.1.2000

Roadsend Compiler for PHP is a simple and effective PHP based script through which programmers can compile their existing PHP source code in their...


Scriptol Compiler

This program is used for compiling the program. Scriptol is used in both object oriented programs and in xml oriented programs to compile. It...


Using the compiler to create Code-Behind dlls

Using the compiler to create Code-Behind dll's is an article in which author demonstrates the method of creating code-behind dll and the procedure...


Glossword Glossary Compiler 1.8.10

Glossword Glossary Compiler helps you to create and publish online multilingual dictionary, glossary, or reference.


M+ Compiler/Interpreter 1.0

M+ Compiler/Interpreter is a interpreter library written in Java that delivers the possibility to extend any Java application with simple scripts.

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Voodoo Compiler 1.0

The Voodoo compiler is an implementation of the Voodoo programming language.


D Compiler IDE

A small IDE for the D language compiler.

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Latex Equation Compiler 1.4.6

The LaTeX Equation Compiler is a preprocessor for LaTeX files that enables numeric and symbolic calculations.

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Clipper/Xbase compatible compiler 32.64.2009.

Clipper/XBase compatible compiler with initial support other xBase dialects.

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IdeoType: A Book Compiler 0.3.0

IdeoType is a book compiler that converts manuscript (XHTML) to book (PDF) on the fly.

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FreeBASIC Compiler 32

Open-source, free, multi-platform BASIC compiler, with syntax similar MS-QuickBASIC (including the GFX statements), that adds new features such as...

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FX Batch Compiler 1.1

This Windows application supports compilation of FX effect files and HLSL shader files using fxc command line compiler included in DirectX SDK.

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Pre-defined Compiler Macros 0.2

Overview of pre-defined compiler macros for standards, compilers, operating systems, and hardware architectures.

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sourceror - The jamascript compiler. 1.0

This project aims to create an easy-to-use Jamascript compiler, using a 3rd party graphics engine and enhansed functionality.

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