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Command Line Interface Definition

XML Converter CMD 2.68

XML Converter with DOS command-line interface is data conversion software to interactively create XML transformation. It runs conversion to XML...

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Climax 1.0

Climax is a Java command line argument parser framework that allows you to create and customize your own command line interface.

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MooseX-CLI 1.0

Support for generating command-line interface in Perl programs using and extending the Moose OO framework.


Quick Reference 0.97b

The Quick reference is a knowledgebase system which has both web interface as well as a command line interface. It can be used as a data storage...


quote 0.01

Quote is a clean and speedy command-line interface for getting snapshot stock market prices. This script also facilitates us to recover prices of...


WebRSH 1.1b

WebRSH is a CGI program which implements a general purpose web-based computing shell. It provide a command line interface, file manager, text...


WP Whois Proxy 1.3.1

Lookup whois information for any domain name, IP, NIC-handle, ASN and more. It features a self-detecting command line interface, copyright...


FFVCL - Delphi FFmpeg VCL Components 3.3

FFVCL is a native VCL components suit including Video Converter and Video Player which wrap FFmpeg libraries perfectly. FFVCL is more easy, more...

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StyleCop CLI

Command-line interface to StyleCop source code analyzers.

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Turtleweed 1.0

A command line interface for creating and managing Apache iBatis mapping files.


Yet Another SQL*Plus Replacement 1.83

YASQL is an open source Oracle command line interface.

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A Prolog Expert System 0.2.0

A Prolog expert system supporting querying and extending the knowledge base from a command-line interface using a format oriented on natural...

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SqlCmdJ 1.0

A MicroSoft SQL Server(r) command line interface written in Java, for *NIX (or anything else with a Java runtime).

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uSQL* 20040218

uSQL* is a command-line interface to any database that has a JDBC driver.

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SqlTablet 1.0

SqlTablet is a unique database tool for the professional application developer with focus on command line interface and short-cuts for common tasks.


Command Line Assistant 90

Command Line Assistant is a Graphical User Interface GUI aimed at helping the usage of the Command Line Interface CLI.

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JavaScript Toolkit - Debugging Tools 1.0

In-broser Javascript debugger and command line interface.


chardetcmdline 0.8

Command line interface for Mark Pilgrim's Universal Encoder Detector.

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Online Command Line Interface 1.0

Online Command Line Interface is a project intended to bring feel of the classic command lines exhibited by GNU&Linux operating systems.


Command Line Menu 1.2

The command line interface is of little relevance nowadays (please don't troll) but since I love to code in C and making a GUI in that language...

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