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Combobox On Form Php

Contact Form PHP 1.0

Each website needs a contact form - Contact Form PHP script is very easy to install on your contacts page. Visitors to your website will be able to...

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Accessing Form Variables

Accessing Form Variables is a suitable tool for PHP beginners to know how to create forms and how to put variables to obtain the data. This tool...


Form1 Builder MYSQL 20

With Form1 Builder MYSQL you can automatically have form submission data added to your MYSQL database. To use the MYSQL option you must have a...


OrangeBox RSS Publishing System 2.I

Looking for a way to distribute news in the 21st century? Use RSS -- a method of distributing news that is rapidly gaining in popularity as...


PHP Calendar Menu

A simple calendar menu which displays a calendar month and allows you to click on a day to fill in a form. PHP has some great date function...


RTFGen - Basic Edition 1.VII

This is a program that helps users in creating RTF documents in a simpler form. Users can utilize this program to generate RTF documents using...


PHPXref 0.2

PHPXref is a developer tool that's designed to ease the process of working on large PHP projects by making it very fast and easy to browse the code...


Open Source Forum Software - iScripts SonicBB

iScripts SonicBB is a free, user-friendly and fully customizable open source forum software. Create your own virtual community! It is based on a...

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TwtAutoEdit 1.0

When you drop wtAutoEdit on form all your edit controls will support Arrow key to change focus. Press Enter or Down Arrow : focus will be changed...


4ASPNET IPInfo .NET Component 1.0

Using 4AspNet IPInfo you can easy find which countries your visitors are from, prevent credit card fraud, auto select counties on dropdowns and...


Active Tri-State Roll-Over Images on Form Submit and Reset

Active Tri-State Roll-Over Images on Form Submit and Reset is a JavaScript, which can enhance the look and feel of your form impressive. It can...


AFCommerce 1.I

AFCommerce is a full and complete online store with both a storefront and administration area, which can be easily installed, configured, and...


Amazon Link MOD 1.0.5a

This MOD adds a link to Amazon in on viewforum.php which searches Amazon for the topic title. It's fully customisable and very useful for those...


anti Spam Mechanism 1.0

anti Spam Mechanism is a PHP driven program that can be included on your PHP websites to ensure secured based access. It displays a randomized code...


Configuring Your Development Server

Configuring Virtual Hosting Domains For Development - Apache is suitable for PHP embedded websties to setup and maintain them using Apache and PHP...


Developer Shed - Image Generation with PHP

Provides explanation and sample code on using PHP with the GD graphics library to produce GIF, JPEG or PNG images on the fly.


DHTML Sortable Grid Control (With Form Elements) 1.0

This Script can sort on form elements and the elements are based on a grid. This sortable grid is a cross-browser 100% client side solution in...


Dotdragnet Php

A collection of PHP scripts and applications, ranging from fun to useful. Also includes a small selection of outward links, and articles on using...


DSLogger 1.0

DSLogger is a small PHP script that logs the amount of times a link has been clicked, and creates an indepth log that logs the address, IP, and...


Easy Calendar Applications

This column focuses on using PHP and the MCAL calendar library to write a fully functional web-based calendar system. Lots of sample code and...