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Coding For Hashing Techniques In C

Perform Multiple Tasks Using Threads

Perform Multiple Tasks Using Threads is an article in which author elaborates the procedure for creating and managing multithreaded programme with...


C# Concepts: Value vs Reference Types

C# Concepts: Value vs Reference Types is an article which helps you to know about the difference between the struct and class in C#. Struct is a...


CGI++ 19970802

CGI++ is a full-featured and intuitive library for CGI programming in C++.Supports new HTTP/1.1 methods (PUT/TRACE/OPTIONS/DELETE) in addition to...


Events and Delegates

This article is basically for the C sharp and .NET developers which guides them how to use event and delegates. The author has given test code for...


File Uploading in ASP.NET Using C#

File Uploading in ASP.NET Using C# is a web based tutorial which deals with generating an application for file uploading in C#. The author...


Understanding C++ data types I

A small book for those beginners in C++ or even in programming who didn?t understand C++ data types. This is meant to be a patch to other books,...



Yet Another C/C++ library for CGI programming. Simple and easy to use tool for CGI programming in C/C++. Can be used free as long as credit...


PHP_SMB 0.0.1

PHP_SMB is an extension for PHP written in C built on smbval (SMB validating library) to authenticate users against SMB servers.


avr-halib 1.0

AVR-halib is a library for easy writing of efficient, portable, reusable and readable programs for AVR microcontrollers in C++.


IOPC2 0.1

A library providing object-relational mapping services for programs written in C++.

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ignitionDb b

ignitionDb, a COM In Process DataBase Engine for Windows written in C++ for handling small and medium sized data amounts.

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Princesa 2003.08.10

An GUI for SQLite database in C++ and wxWindows

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Simple clean tool for Sybase databases in C#, pretty neat and usefull in development and testing of applications.


Cell BE IDE 1.0

The aim of this project is to develop a set of Eclipse plugins to enable a better experience for developers programming in C/C++ for the Cell BE...


DDemangled 1.0

a pluggable demangler for D written in C


F Logging 1.0

portable thin client for logging and thin and fat server for reading logs in c++


IntelliMacro.NET 1.0

A general purpose macro recorder for Windows (written in C#) whose macros can be easily edited later (adding decisions, loops etc.


SmallUnit 1.0

Small UnitTest system for testing software in C + +


CPF - C++ Plugin Framework 1.0

The C++ Plug-in Framework is an open source plug-in framework for applications developed in C++.


OLAP + CHART ModelKit 3.6

OLAP + CHART ModelKit includes OLAP component for multidimensional data analysis and component for data representation in the form of charts. The...

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